Lego Military Modelling

I got my daugher a Lego tractor and some sort of domestic scene with a house and a postman.

With a little imagination, many things are possible...

Jesus, dont let OUV's IPT see that!!


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you want serious Lego Military Modelling? Check this little model out:



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labrat said:
Good, but you're behind the curve:

Brilliant - that had my wife (ex-Lefty NHS psychiatric nurse) pissing herself. :D

I knew I should have found something like this first before introducing my 5 year old to Call of Duty 5!!! 8O



Wayne is deciding whether or not to "do" the postie and make a getaway in his Citroen Saxo, as Chantelle collects her weekly benefits cheque...

In the 'beer garden' (car park) of The Tattooed Arms public house...

Wayne has just 'glassed' Daz, because he was chatting up Chantelle, who is busy vomiting outside the cellar delivery hatch....

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