Lego-Land Trip...Urban Myth or Classic Wind Up ?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Roger_so_far, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. I wonder if any ARRSERS could shed some light on this story...I was in a different Loc on this EX so can't tell what was myth and what was real.

    7 SR in the field...late 90's. A Rad Tp Sgt, lets call him Sgt B, was too busy to go to the O-GP briefing (I've heard various reasons...still in his doss bag etc) so sends young Siggy, lets call him Sig Milly.

    Sig Milly comes back with copius info for troop and proceeds to brief Sgt B....BLA BLA BLA...o yes the RSM's organised a seniors trip to Lego-land tomorrow...all seniors that are off shift and who want to go should be outside on the road next to this location, dressed in civvies at 14.00 hrs.

    Sgt B is therefore dressed in his sports kit the next day at the side of the road...looking forward to a seniors pissup in Lego-Land.

    Landrover drives past him with CO in front and RSM in the back...screeches to a halt...the badge jumps out the back of the rover...."Sgt B WHAT THE FCUK ARE YOU DOING DRESSED IN CIVVIES ?"

    "I'm ready for the Lego-Land Trip sir"


    I heard that the rest of the regimental seniors hid Sig Milly from Sgt B's wrath until EndEx....

    Anyone else heard this story ? True / False ?
  2. I remember that little one, I was in said troop. Fcuking funny.
  3. pm me please as i was in 7 pigs @96-99 i also heard those rumours , not sure who it was about though?
  4. He was in 7 Sigs - Germany, and Lego Land is in Windsor - England. Emmm

  5. Legoland is also in a particular european country you twa t boney!!
  6. Tw@t, thanks for that. I'd have got me coat without insults :twisted:

    I'll get it anyway.

  7. Dont take offence boney, not your fault that the originator could not specify a particular end user!!
  8. I apologise for not specifying "Lego-Land Denmark"

    I assumed you'd work that out...but then we all know "assumption is the mother of all fcukups..."

    I'll get my coat too

  9. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    What u all getting your coats for none of you have pulled

    Your Mingers!!!! :lol:
  10. Hello POT this is KETTLE, colour check over.
  11. Yep, I remember Milly, I joined the troop just after they came back from that ex. It was quite the talk of the troop.
    Milly was always up for a laugh and a wind up.
    Anyone know where he is now? I know he left to go to Uni but that's about it.
  12. I don't know where he is but would love to see all the old lads again. Great days those late 90's in Radio troop. You must be in your early 80's now OMJT
  13. Cheeky Get ! :)

    I'm doing okay though, still managed to get a girlfriend who is 25. Not bad for an old man I think :)

    I remember Milly left a couple of months after me, but have no idea where he went.
  14. You dirty old man (sneered in my best steptoe voice).

    Viagra is in the post.
  15. This staffy:
    Was he the one who wanted people to sharpen their whip sections, shovel blades etc?
    If memory serves he also once recommended keeping a 'blade' in your doss bag for cutting yourself out should some fundamentalist appear in your 9x9 (for example when your breakout zip jams and the entire ARRC defences has collapsed around you).
    Is this the one? :?