Legless bloke shoots bird dead.

Now i know what you're on about because i'm watching the news. Chances are, not many people will have this advantage and will reply on first reading;

"What the fuck are you on about? Link?"


What a brilliant idea; sneak around in a darkened house in a country second- only to Colombia for gun-related crime in order to surprise your boyfriend who's in no position to leg-it.

Who says romance is dead?


I guess if Oscar has retired from running he's a shoe-in for the SA target shooting team for Rio.
He'll be ok, the judge will tell him to hop it. Taxi!
Her.. Darling, how about we practice making ankle biters?

Him.. How about I just pop a cap in yo ass?
Well, when it comes to the funeral at least she can go feet first...
They were saying on the news that she sneaked in and woke him up and he shot her.

Now, I know I'm a grumpy legless cunt first thing in the morning but I don't slaughter those who wake me.
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