Legionnaires in the Australian Defence Force after 5 years?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Oi Blud, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. Is it possible for a legionnaire after 5 years to join the Australian Defence Force?. It's just that it says on the wiki that it's possible with commonwealth citizenship, but is there any proof of this?.

    Quote from wiki as of 02/01/2012:
  2. I am sure that it is possible, depending upon what the individual has to offer the ADF.

    However, I am not sure that five years service as an infantry soldier would make one particularly competative.

    I also think that in this context "Commonwealth Citizenship" refers to the "Commonwealth of Australia" i.e between the States and Territories of Australia rather than the "Commonwealth of Nations".

    However, why not email ADF recruiting, including the relevant link, and ask them?
  3. I have come across 'FFL', or rather ex in their own words serving in the Aust. Army, as to the veracity of their story I am unable to confirm. They did tend to moan alot.
  4. There's a Danish bloke in my local who was in FFL in the Congo in the 60s.

    He said that conditions were terrible and they never got paid!

    He said he joined to forget and it worked! He can't speak a word of French,can't whistle Le Boudin and can't remember what regiment he was in. Talk about trauma, it puts my stories about the Embassy balcony to shame, I can tell you!

    However, I do know of a bloke who went to Scotts College in Perth who has been in the FFL for years. By all accounts his memory remains ok.
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  5. You might find it difficult to get a slot with the ADF if you're ex-Legion; I know that a number of RAF Regiment fellas are trying to get into the Lateral Recruitment pipeline.
  6. There's a book called "Marching with the Devil" about just such a move........about as interesting as wanking on sleeping pills, but may be of interest.
  7. Also quite economical with the truth, according to two other Aussie legionnaires who served in the same unit with the author. He comes across as very whiney and beset by iss-yews.