Legion Posters Defaced!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Underworld_Guitar_Hero, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Anti-War Protesters Deface Poster

    What particularly got me with this is the offence caused to the family whose son is depicted on the poster!!

    What are these Anti-War t**ts going to do next?
  2. I dont like the disrespect shown but I like the Idea of Teflon Tony at a War crimes court
  3. Whilst I disagree (of course) with the defacing of the poster, I don't disagree with either the way it was done, or the message it is now conveying.

    As far as graffiti/vandalism goes, it's not disrespectful, and it's not saying anything that a lot of ARRSE members aren't thinking. But as I said, I'm not condoning the vandalism.
  4. I bet the anti war protesters who did it think they are really clever highjacking a poster from such a respected cause. It is no better than Nick Griffen useing pictures of spitfires to gain political points.
    It is not big and it is not clever.....A bit like a dyslexsic dwarf really.
  5. I quite like it.
  6. While the method may be wrong, the message is right.

    I for one would be very happy to see BLiar on trial at the Hague.

    Alas, we never will. I suspect a large part of B'Liars desire to become President of Europe is driven by the fact that it would grant him Diplomatic Immunity from prosecution.
  7. Very cleverly done. However, here's a thought.

    Pay for your own fecking advert rather than hijack that of a charity that is advertising their greatest collection time of the year.

    Just because its "anti war" its ok to deface the Legions poster? Why not scrawl "Stop the War" across one for the NSPCC?

    Pay for your own. Mirror the Legion one in every respect if that is what you feel you must do, but stop defacing their paid for advertising space.

    Don't even get me started on the White Poppy brigade.....
  8. May be a lot of people think that tony blair should be accountable for his actions, But for protestors to deface a poster of a mother anda little boy who have lost their loved one fighting for queen and country and were only raising awareness highlighting the poppy appeal 'For their sake wear a poppy.' for all the brave soldiers who lost their lives and been injured etc in previous and past conflicts and their families.

    The protestors were totally disrespectful to this lady and her family and all the brave soldiers who lost their lives and been injured etc in previous and past conflicts and their families.

    The protestors should apologize for the hurt and disrespect they have caused .
  9. Very cleverly done.
  10. if you ever run into a white poppy wearing almost extinct theses days.
    "oh you support facism"

    The PPU supported appeasement and backed Neville Chamberlain's policy at Munich in 1938, regarding Hitler's claims on the Sudetenland as legitimate. Some PPU supporters were so sympathetic to the grievances of Nazi Germany that one sceptical member found it difficult to distinguish between letters to Peace News and those in the newspaper of the British Union of Fascists.[1] The historian Martin Gilbert has argued that "it is hard to think of a British newspaper that was so consistent an apologist for nazi Germany as Peace News"[2] :evil:

  11. Don't agree… this has given a huge boost to the Legions profile and campaign IMO.
  12. I agree with the sentiment.

    I don't agree with the method though.

    You dont HAVE to deface a poster such as this to get that message across, if they are that keen for people to hear their viewpoint pay for your own fcuking poster. Not going to jump on the outrage bus as such but I just think that remembrance posters such as this one should be above being used in this way.
  13. You should apologize for constantly re registering on this site Chubb.

    Go away. For ever.
  14. Time to fall off the fence on this one.
    I believe that this is a win win here. At the end of the day, any publicity is better than no publicity.
  15. My tuppenceworth - disapprove of vandalism, it has cost me plenty recently, and someone will have to pay to fix the poster. It is a clever piece of work though, so may be copied elsewhere, resulting in more expense. This act of vandalism will make me make an extra donation to help with repairs, so if others feel the same way, the Poppy Appeal could end up with a net profit.

    Tony Blair lied to us, so he should have resigned or been punished for that. To define this incident in terms of New Labour morality, an Evil Big Person who got away with something bad has forced a Nice Small Person to break the law, so the Nice Small Person is a victim who should get counselling, compensation &c &c.