Legion of Frontiersmen.

Has anyone heard of or had contact, or dealings with a unit called 'The Legion of Frontiersmen'? I have been in the TA for 8 years and I have never heard of them. A friend of mine has asked me to to join, he says that it is a real unit but it sounds like a private militia for wannabes. Any information would be gratefully received.
I seem to remember seeing some instruction from the Army or MOD, possibly even a DCI a few years back stating that membership of the Legion of Frontiersmen was incompatible with military service as the group had links to far right extremists. Now I don't know what the current state of play is but I'd be inclined to be very cautious. You would be well advised to contact your unit adj or a PSAO before doing anything.
i sold a no.2 dress uniform to a guy in LoF - seemed clucking weird to me, different units around UK, and the world - with their own uniforms, ranks etc

it weirded me out talking to the guy - my advice / gut feeling: stay well clear
I saw them attempt a display of "tent pegging"at Sandringham, and it was mind-bogglingly sh1te. They really were a bunch of old duffers, fat knackers and lunatics. And they ride horses like old people fcuk.
Also in England the competition winning Legion of Frontiersmen Tent Pegging display team show their skills in front of appreciative crowds. In 2001 the Mounted Troop of UK Command came second in the All British Tent Pegging Championship, only being beaten by the Royal Navy. The same year, competing against teams from Australia, South Africa, India and Pakistan in the World Tent Pegging Championship in South Africa, two officers representing the Legion of Frontiersmen came back with several Gold and Silver medals.
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They are also riven with internal politics, various national divisions refusing to recognise each other.

I seem to recall the head of the Australian bunch being outed for claiming service in the SAS and a host of medals to which he wasn't entitled.

All in all probably best to think of them as a walty bunch of Rotarian types and steer well clear
Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine said:
I worked with the FANY on a few exercises - Executive stretch and the like. Quite professional really, even if your VP isn't quite up to scratch.
I'll speak to the oic VP and ask for more than two hours practice next year then :lol:
Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine said:
Ah Pops - if only I was still in - I would teach you VP for free and in my own time 8)
well if you want to volunterr I'm sure you'd be very welcome at one of our training sessions 8)

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