Legion of Frontiersmen update

An obergruppenfuerer named Mark Brett who is a Major or Lt Colonel has stated that I have outraged several ladies by letting my nipples be observed on a Skype call ( I was in bed) and furthermore I suggested regimental nipple clips.
They have women now? That’s a mental bet lost - I thought the LoF were all incel.
Centenary of the end of WW1 and a parent was dropping off their kiddy with a framed MM and citation of his GGF in some bizarre Scaramouche uniform with feathered slouch hat.
Turned out he'd been awarded it whilst doing some LoF activity in 1914 - they actually DO have some seriously robust and illustrious history.

Almost a pity that they're a bit of a pantomime outfit in Britain - I can see how, and why, they may be more earnest and useful in Canada and Oz though.

We really do need to properly organise the Arrse Fencibles sometime.
Strangely enough these two coves were at Cavalry Sunday yesterday, handing out bottled water.
Overdressed. British military knee exposing humorous shorts would have been more in character.
What a pair of fuking plums
They were perfectly pleasant, although inclined to say, “the water’s to help with your hangovers, we know what mess dinners are like…” ;)

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