Legion of Frontiersmen: Intelligence Command?

Whilst engaged on simple googling 'brushing up' on the Uks tri-service/civil intelligence and contingency efforts, I came accross these lot.

intelligence experts

''Intelligence Command Troops and Officers maintain the skills of collection and analysis through the mediums of photographic interpretation, signal intelligence, intelligence derived from human sources and open source material. They are also the analysts who pull all of this information together as fused intelligence.

As the IOC-LF contributes to the assistance of military and civilian authorities, in keeping with our Mission Statement, members of the Intelligence Command-IOC work to facilitate the information needed by these groups to assist in the preservation of life, and to keep our nation's security at it's utmost diligence''

WTF is all that about?
See the Legion Of Frontiersmen thread in the Intelligence cell.

Basically they're a bunch of Walter Mittys who claim to do lots of things that they can't provide any evidence for. The only thing they do for real is award each other chocolate medals and turn up in Blues at parades.

Some did have some connection with Military Intelligence but not since the first world war.
Cheers for that.

I can relax now. I thought I had somehow stumbled onto a TS web site of an-untill now- highly secretive pillar of out national int architecture. I did start to panic to a point where I have told the wife to move in with the mother-in-law as I awaited my fate. I was facing a conundrum of either handing myself over to the nearest PCSO or await the fate of getting snatched by some swarthy geezers, thrown into the back of a blacked-out limo and spirited away to a cliff-top retreat.

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