Legion makes record-breaking contribution to injured personnel

Just received this:

The Royal British Legion has awarded a record-breaking £50 million grant to the care of injured Armed Forces personnel.

It is the largest single grant in the history of the UK's leading Armed Forces charity, which celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2011.

The Legion has committed the funding over ten years towards capital and operating costs for the Personnel Recovery Centre (PRC) programme.

The amount is two-and-a-half times greater than the £20 million originally committed by the charity when the PRC programme was announced in February as a joint venture between the MoD, Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion.

In October, the Legion committed an additional £5 million towards the PRCs from former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who pledged the entire proceeds of his memoirs to the project.

However, the charity's trustees agreed on Thursday that the needs of injured Service men and women were so great that an additional cash injection was warranted.

The Legion's contribution will fund the operation of four Personnel Recovery Centres in the UK, provide capital financing for a facility in Germany and allow for the creation and operation of The Royal British Legion Battle Back Challenge and Assessment Centre.

It will include the running costs of the 'Pathfinder' PRC at Erskine, Edinburgh, established as a pilot programme with £1 million in financing from Help for Heroes. The Legion will now take over the funding of the Centre's running costs from 1 January 2011 and will provide the £5 million needed to keep it operating until 2020.

Chris Simpkins, Director General of The Royal British Legion, said: "Personnel Recovery Centres and the Battle Back Challenge Centre will become a major part of The Royal British Legion's welfare strategy - a strategy that is at the heart of the Legion.

"The Trustees have increased our funding for the programme in recognition of the great demand there will be for such support for injured Service personnel as the years go by. We are committed to looking after people who have been seriously wounded in conflict and who are long-term sick or injured. As that responsibility does not end when they leave the military, The Royal British Legion will continue to support them throughout their lives."

Three purpose-built Personnel Recovery Centres will be created in Colchester, Catterick and Tidworth. These Centres, built by Help for Heroes and operated jointly by the Royal British Legion and the Army, will provide rehabilitation and assistance to help injured soldiers recover and either return to duty or transition into a successful and supported civilian life.

The first will open in Colchester at the end of 2011, with building to begin in the Spring.

The Royal British Legion Battle Back Challenge and Assessment Centre will open in late 2011, providing seriously injured personnel from across the Armed Forces with adaptive sports and adventurous training to help physical rehabilitation and confidence building.

For further information, please contact:
Susan Cottam, Public Relations Officer, The Royal British Legion
T: 020 3207 2477, M: 07775 017889 E: scottam@britishlegion.org.uk
Courtesy of the RBL website
Bloody good on them and those who raised for them.

I do think that the poster campains have got better over the years, it shows that it's now across about 4 generations that have been affected by war and the issues it brings.

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