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Legion Article and vid on Canucks in AFG

Fairly decent article, pics and vid on some of the work the CF is doing in the Panjwai district.


“I learned a new saying from a soldier the other day,” I said to him.

He looked at me and lifted his chin a millimetre or less, a clear sign he wanted to hear it.

It was a harsh saying, the kind of thing soldiers say to describe the never-ending brokenness of life at war.

“F–kery knows no bounds,” I told him.

He smiled fractionally, clearly highly amused. Then he paused to think. “The Afghans have a saying like that too,” he said quietly. “It’s called ‘inshallah.’ "


Be nice if our legion had half the interest in what our boys do instead of waiting until they are pushed! Mind you, be nice if our legion had the level of support that it does in Ca.
In fact when visiting a few years ago I was reminded of how badly our ex servicemen are let down by the Govt compared to Canada!

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