Legends of the Corps

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BigV, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. Have been on leave this week and having got bored of fingering myself, have been flicking through the ARRSE archives and have chuckled at the charachter destruction of a certain Keppe wearing, sh it spouting wannabe frog.
    Just wondering if we, as a Corps, have the honour of producing/harbouring any other specimens that should be donated to science, and what it is that made them great?

    All I got is Yogi. Is he still in jail?
  2. In old 7 Sigs in the late 70s and early 80s there was a fella called B***y B*****L who I swear spent more time in the pokey that the RP staff.
  3. A certain Oirish Sgt, tasche and bad skin round his nose. Was at 3DSR mid nineties and after at 238 sig sqn Chelsea, and then out i hope. The biggest cnut i ever met...full stop.
    Here is a link to some training i found http://www.mabway.com/about/our-people.php?category=2
  4. Oh that fcuker. He has been mentioned in the 11 Sigs thread. A bigger tool i have yet to meet. A cnut of the highest order. I seem to recall you were his bezzer :D .

    Anyway, the thread says legends not bellends.
  5. ok, i won't mention you then you pirck!
  6. My Bold - Surely no match for the Thrusting Major?
  7. Thruster was a top bloke compared to this asshat.