Legendary British warship found

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. A US-based salvage firm is believed to have found remains from the wreck of a legendary British warship which sank in the English Channel in 1744.

    "But as a military wreck, they officially belong to the British state."


    The salvagers can fcuk off, it's her Majesties? Royal Navy's property, and the economy needs the gold! (Or put it towards New Trident!!). We should put a sub over it till we can get our gold back.
  2. Isn't that a tad dangerous? I mean, the ship now at the bottom hit a rock and sank, and our navy have had a nasty habit of driving into rocks in the last few years IIRC.
    I saw a picture of the inside of the Nottingham this week when it hit that rock. Very lucky it didn't go down!
  3. Imagine the headlines ' RN Nuclear Sub sinks after hitting sunken remains of RN ship HMS Victory' oops
  4. Mate of mine was on Nottingham doing damage control and he showed me abot 50 pictures he took. How she never sank is beyond me. Everywhere was full of water, scary stuff
  5. Sod the gold,surely this wreck is still a grave? not sure what others think but my feeling is the site should be treated with respect.
  6. Seeing one it was the Navy, two it was a ship, three it was at sea, id have been more worried if the 50 pics were of it full of sand or rose bushes.
  7. Not sure if you are familiar with all things nautical but the general idea is to keep the water on the OUTSIDE. Apparantly if you let the water inside ships do very good submarine impressions. At a rough guess i would say that the crew of this wreck that was found failed to follow the above rule.
  8. Aye right!
    Spain targets US treasure ships.
    Odyssey Marine Exploration are industrial treasure hunters.
  9. .... and once the gold is up I totally agree..... 8)
  10. The US Navy have one rule about recovering anything from their wrecks.

    That rule is "Leave it alone"

    I don't understand why the RN don't have the same rule.

    Mind you, the MoD have been quoted as co-operating with Odyssey on this.
  11. Given that the US Supreme Court ruled that the wreak of a British warship in the Great Lakes was ours I don't think these buggers have much of a leg to stand on (one fewer than Long John Silver in fact)
  12. It is thought she was top heavy with too many large cannon and sank in a storm rather than hit a rock.
  13. ^


    After 264 years I doubt if any bodies are still around nor should I think they would care.

    Plunder the gold, put it back in Britain's coffers and off with the heads of anyone who say's otherwise.
  14. That almost smacks of piracy, albeit state sponsored, how ironic.

    Can't say I'm too chuffed with having those Yankee rebels come over here & disturb a Royal Navy grave though, would that really be allowed if it were an American warship?

  15. No, I don't think it would be allowed. In fact i would imagine the same rules would apply. it seems like the US Salvage company are following procedures by marking the site, announcing it's discovery and will now wait for a ruling before salvaging or releasing the whereabouts to the UK government.