Legend my arse. Classic? Yeah right.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by steven seagull, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. Marlon Brondo is described as one of the greatest ever actors that ever lived. I always thought he must have been good in his youth as he was crap as Fat mumbling Old Wop in The Godfather and worse as Fat mumbling Jungle Nutter in Apocalypse Now so thought I'd watch a season of his films on Freeview recently to see what the fuss was about.

    Mutiny on the Bounty - Brando ponces about with an plummy accent and facial expressions that suggest severe intestinal pain. Richard Harris and Trevor Howard wipe the floor with him in the acting stakes.

    The Missouri Breaks - Brando rocks up in a red indian fancy dress outfit and does a cod Oirish accent that was worse than Brad Pitt's pisstake one in Snatch. Jack Nicholson upercuts him in the acting stakes while shouting "SHORYUKEN!!" (Most of you wont get that reference)

    The Appaloosa - Brando hardly speaks or even move and does the worst impression of a drunk in history. John Saxon who has spent his career playing Mexican and assorted baddies steals the acting hat while saying lines like "Giv me jor steeeenking hos!!"

    In conclusion he was pants.

    So what or who that is conidered a classic or a legend do you think is wank? It can be people, bands, films or even cars but do try to explain why it's as much use as Anne Frank's drumkit.
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  2. Oasis the band. I know I'll get shouted at by many for this but by Christ were they over-rated. Noel Gallagher may be pretty handy as a song writer and guitarist, but Liam can't sing for crap. And for 15 years they turned out the same old tired tosh again and again, and now Beady Eye are doing teh same under a new name. Plus they are pricks of the highest order, chopsing off about drugs and how hard they are.

    Now Blur were much better but "lost" the big Britpop cunt off in the end, despite being all very talented (as demonstrated by subsequent projects) and made some good tunes in their own right.
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  3. Robert DeNiro.

    Quality for anything made before the mid-90s though for almost the last 20 years has utilised the same 4-6 "expressions" & generally just goes through the motions. Same can be said for Samuel L. Jackson.
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  4. De Niro. How I weep when I look back at Taxi Driver, The King of Comedy and Goodfellas then think of Showtime, Righteous Kill and Hide and Seek. Heat or Ronin we're his last decent film.

    Al Pacino is a shouty cock as well
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  5. He did use butter as lube to jam his cock in a birds arse in Last tango in Paris though!
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  6. De Niro was top drawer in the Untouchables. The baseball bat scene was peachy.
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  7. Rod Stieger and Sidny Poitier, in the Heat of the night, some of the best acting i have ever seen.
    Well worthy of legendry status.
    Alan rickman also has a habi of overshadowing the main characters in films ie.. Robin hood and Die hard

    Sent by Crapatalk. Sitting on my bog having a dump.
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  8. Oasis were a Beatles tribute band with a droning Manchisto loudmouth as lead. Wretches.
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  9. This has legs. Agree with all the above. Shoryuken idolise some actors but does it mean they are any good?

    Liam Neeson did a few good things, even being an old bloke in a period drama. Now...he's in everything. With Ralph Fiennes.
    Tom Cruise. Please. Enough.
    All those dull pretty boy fuckwits like Christian Bale, Chris Hemsworth. Fucking dull homos.
    Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller. It was funny. Enough now. Already.
    That cunt Ricky Gervais and everyone like him. Leave us alone. Be gone.
    Most modern comedians. I lost you hours ago. Try writing some real material, not telling a boring story in a 'hilarious' way.
    Most bands. Ever. Best ones are the early days of a 'movement' where they did it for fun.
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  10. Err, read the OP again fella.
  11. Nicolas Cage. - Shite. Seems to do one semi-decent film for every 10 or so bits of total dross and changes his expression and mannerisms not one iota between all of them.
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  12. The Beatles. Never 'got' them at all; their attempts at surrealim fall well short and are merely gibberish. Their 'deep and meaningful' stuff is trite, and their 'pop' (woo, baby, wanna hold your hand etc) is infantile. Never had any reason to change my view of them as a pair of art-college wankers with another couple of chancers hanging on to the bandwagon like grim death.
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  13. While I agree Cage is a blob of flange milk and a Goat feltching chancer I don't think he's ever been described as a legend?

    Sure he won an Oscar for Leaving Last Vegas but I'd have put in a fucking good performance if I read a script that contained the words "You get drunk a lot and lick Whiskey off Elizabeth Shue's tits."
  14. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    That Jebus bloke who wrote a book. Shite author whose book contains not a hint of anal or lezzer sex.

    Been to his, so called, house a few times. He is never in and all I was offered,in the name of hospitality is a mouthfull of wine and an old biscuit. PAH even the choirboys get a handjob.

    I'm sticking with John Grisham from now on.
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