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Legasee War Veterans Online Archive

We’re now making final preparations to the first batch of interviews that were filmed last week and will add them to the new web site in the next 7 to 10 days. We’ll email you when our new web site goes online so you can check out the interviews.

We’ll add the first 5 interviews when we launch the new web site, then we’ll add 2 or 3 interviews each week.

Using footage of the veterans from these interviews, we’ve created a Promotional Video which you might like to see here...


We’ve had this A4 poster designed and we’d appreciate any help you can give us to get these posters placed in locations where other veterans maybe able to see them.

We can email you a copy of the poster that you can print out, or we can send you the amount you want by post.

Kind regards
Dave Player
Legasee - ‘become a part of history’

Legasee War Veterans Online Archive launched on Fri 11th February 2011. Below is a list of the interview available to watch online. New interviews are added every week. Just go to and select "Films" to watch the interviews.


SIDNEY MITCHELL - Royal Corps of Signals
Sidney is a real character and despite his age still holds some very vivid memories of his time in the Signals including his call up.

BOB STIRLING - Paras, Royal Hussars, SAS, Rhodesia and South Africa
Rob Stirling joined the army to get away from a troubled home life. He's had more than his fair share of adventure.

PETER NOAD MBE - RSM – Queen’s Lancashire Regiment
Peter was inspired to become a soldier when his Uncle used to let him play with grenades as a boy! His long career spanned several intense tours of Northern Ireland and one contact is recalled in graphic detail. Peter was promoted to RSM and recalls some of the lighter sides of army life as a leader, including preparations for a Royal visit.

COLIN PARKER - Coldstream Guards
Colin used to love watching the trooping of the colour but had assumed a life on the docks was his lot. That all changed when he went to an Army careers office for some information, one week later he was walking through the Guards depot in London.

REX SHEPPARD - Royal Fusiliers
"I went to Korea a boy and came back a man". Watch Rex talk about his experiences in some of the worst fighting conditions since the Great War. We cover Rex's military life in detail. How he felt about being conscripted to war, training in sight of the Chinese enemy, life in the trenches and more than a couple of very near misses. Rex is one of the few survivors of this conflict - many who fought in Korea have since died of cancer.

Ex-Ordinance Officer for A Turret. A lovely old boy with an immense story of survival. He was down below when the Belfast was struck by a magnetic mine and lucky had to stay behind to fix his turret when the rest of his crew were sent to join HMS Hood.

Ted is the first to admit he had a lovely war. One of the first to sign up he found himself in Cape Town building the runway and loving the Cape hospitality and meeting his future wife. It wasn't all fun though, during his Fleet Air Arm training Ted was lucky to escape with his life after being dive bombed by German fighter planes on England's south coast.

BRIAN BIRD - Spitfire Pilot – 185 Squadron
One of the few surviving WWII pilots to have flown both the Hurricane and the Spitfire. Brian has all his faculties and his memories of specific bombing raids and life as a Spit pilot in Italy are absolutely absorbing.

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