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Following on from the NAAFI thread ‘I Turned to Prostitution’ got me thinking about the subject of legalising prostitution in the UK. At present, the Sexual Offences Act 2003 sections 51A provides the conditions for the offence of soliciting but the safe legal regulation of prostitutes seems to make sense on the surface. In 2009 the Policing and Crime Act 2009 shifted the offence from the prostitute to the client, which provides a small amount of protection to the prostitute…but is there any reason why two consenting adults should not engage in a business transaction as long as they are both in full agreement as to what is involved?

Would the presence of legal brothels not provide a safer environment in which prostitutes can work? Could they not be more easily policed, with passport checks to ensure the safety of people trafficked into the country, if the brothels were all nationally registered? Would having legal brothels encourage more people to enter the trade as a legitimate job ie to pay the mortgage rather than drugs/alcohol?

It’s clear that people would object to having a known brothel as their neighbour, so would having out of town locations make people more accepting of the practice? With prostitution working legally in many other countries, if would appear that the problems can be anticipated and regulated. It would also have the benefit of running as a legitimate, tax producing business.

Any thoughts for or against?
Well, it would be cheaper. I've worked out that my missus is charging me around £3000 a rub.
Why, you looking at a new line of work so you can "do it" legally without looking over your shoulder that has nt got a big black cock resting on it?

Yes, seems to work brilliantly here in FRG, so I ve heard
No Government of either colour would ever have the guts to do it.
Yes in favour, reduced tax from smoking and drinking why not earn an income from sex? It would keep the NHS going for years, be safer for the girls and make the MPs recycle their expenses, what's not to like? I would open a brothel and it wouldn't be serving soup.
It's up there with legalising drugs, it makes sense, the Politicians know it the Police know it anyone with any common sense knows it, however people with "Morals" see it as bad so we have to dance to their tune it seems.

Still take heart that it's not illegal to pay a woman for sex! It's illegal to solicit sex.
Still take heart that it's not illegal to pay a woman for sex! It's illegal to solicit sex.
I'm sure the loopholes must have been tested (fnarr) - free sex but a mandatory £50 can of Coke, etc.

On the main subject, the arguments for legalising prostitution are very similar to those for drugs IMO - sound from the perspectives of government finance, public health and crime prevention. It makes perfect sense and for that very reason will never ever be become policy in the UK.
Why not? Keep (a certain amount of) control of STDs. Hookers pay "full" tax on income. It works in so many countries so why not here?

But as previously said which government would have the balls?
If it wasn't in Current Affairs but the NAFFI i may have posted;............

"The taxman visited a hooker in her high rise and asked, "You've put your employment down as poultry farmer, how do manage this on the tenth floor?"

She replied, "See that settee over there, I raised 1200 cocks on there last year!"

But as it isn't I won't bother!!
It's too expensive in the UK, most of the women are munters (unless they are imported from the Eastern Bloc) and the Government taxation would make the price even more exorbitant.
And the rest.

Once the diversity brigade get involved you'll have no choice of whether you get a man or a woman after paying your cash. Gender discrimination isn't allowed - remember.

Miss whiplash would be out of business as soon as the health and safety bods inspected her dungeon.

Tea bagging would be out in case your hooker had a nut allergy.

Blow jobs banned as a choking hazard.

**** outlawed due to fears of contaminated meat in the food chain.

It'd be the horse meat scandal all over again if officials caught sight of my manhood.

Keep it illegal. You know it makes sense.
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