Legalising Heroin etc...

Was having a chat with a mate the other day about legislation around drugs etc, and he raised a point which I dismissed at first, but actually might hold some merit upon further reflection.

As we all know, the profit in the heroin market ends up with Terry Taleban largely, as it's an underground substance and generally they control the flow, the fields etc

So what if it was legal?

Would Terry Taleban get his heroin funding if Tesco's and Asda could open up opium production centres to manufacture and sell the drug?

Seems to me now after thinking about it, that the legalisation and encouragement of heroin production would ultimately kick Terry's funding programme in the nads if the production, visable marketing etc thus money, was kept in this country.

Heroin destroying lives aside, as due to this I'm not really in agreement with this idea, but purely on the financial side of things - isn't this a good idea?

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Well first off crack is made from cocaine, which mostly come from Central and South America.

Afghan is were they grow poppies, that they turn in to heroin, to sell to Pete Docherty.

So makeing crack legal would have no effect on the Talaban at all.
Eck, Heroin sorry, not crack.

Brain fart.
There are enough minging junkies roaming the streets as it is I dont particuarly want to see more. Easy solution, shortage of morphine in this country and others, use the Afghan grown produce for pharmaceutical use, the poppy is then sold to companies who distribute it as morphine to legitamite customers eg NHS, afghan farmer is happy and thinks that UK/US are not so bad after all as they are providing him with an income, UK is happy as it no longer needs to produce its own synthetic dia-morphine on the same scale, less heroin will be falling into the hands of the so called drug Tsars and everyone is a winner.

If only life was really this simple eh?
The Taliban would still control the raw product - the Afghan poppies. Maybe make a bit less if it wasn't "underground".

Still if they actually locked that tos*er Doherty up, rather than give him another slap on the wrist and trip to rehab, they would probably go out of business anyway!

Why doesn't the media do more to vilify celebrity drug use? A few pics of PD shambling around stoned, KM doing the same, Linsey Lohan looking hot while being arrested for street racing while possessing and all the others...hardly puts Johnny 12 year old off the idea does it? And what do they all get when caught? A trip to rehab...RUBBISH

Rant over.
I think the Swiss trialed Clean Clinics where herion was given away to addicts. Crime, HIV and other blood nasties went down.
Have long thought that the legalisation of supply and prescription provision of class A drugs was the way forward - not only would it have a knock on effect on TerryT, as you say, but would also have a direct effect on thieving and organised crime within the UK!

when you consider what proportion of shoplifting, mugging and burglary is done promarily to get money for drugs, then it seems a no brainer - it also means its supplied in a known strength, which means less people killing themselves with overdoses, though I'd accept that could be seen as a double edged sword.
Now if only someone, somewhere would listen to these guys:

We might end up with a winning strategy in Afghanistan.

Poppy for Medicine projects were established in Turkey in the 1970s with the support of the United States and the United Nations, as a means of breaking farmers’ ties with the international illegal heroin market without resorting to forced poppy crop eradication. Within just four years, this strategy successfully brought the country’s illegal poppy crisis under control.
And on the same lines we could give alcoholics free booze, send unqualified drivers on racing days and give shoplifters trolley dashes in supermarkets. I think you get my drift. Addiction to illegal substances means that a crime has been carried out at some point and the individual should be punished not rewarded.
This would be a major retrograde step.

Has anyone thought about the impact on the punters?

This would probably halve the number of women who are on the game overnight, and would almost certainly result in price rises far in excess of current inflation rates.
Yes give drugs away free, and then every few months 'accidentally' issue 100% pure for a week. That'd soon thin out the number of drug addicts, reduce the level of associated crime (rather more permanently) and remove the demand for Taliban-supporting imports of heroin.

Given that the country is run by naive, well-meaning, but essentially stupid people, this won't actually be allowed to happen. In the meantime, perhaps they could bring themselves to start making an example of some of the more high profile addicts? When will they realise that giving Pete Doherty 'another chance' and booking him on to rehabilitation DOES NOT WORK. Lock him up for 5 years as a high-profile example to others.

And before some doom monger points out that he will get more drugs in prison, so it won't work stop worrying about the symptom, look at the cause. If drugs are available in prison, eradicate them. Random drug tests for all (stuff your 'human rights', you gave those up on being convicted for your failure to meet your 'human responsibilities'). If you have taken illegal drugs in prison, automatic 5 years on to your sentence (no remission) and 2 weeks cold-turkey in solitary (again, 'human rights' aaaahhhh diddums).
having actually worked with drug addicts rather than just rant about them.
Our drug laws make the laws on firearms look sane machine guns banned in 1938 due to the threat of revolution might have been 1936 that made sense :roll:
well cocaine was banned in the 1920s due to a fear of black jazz musicans having there wicked way with coked up white girls :?
drugs kill but so does drink.
heroin can kill mostly the people who it seems to kill are those who've given up for awhile then go back and OD. but crap drugs can give you horrible smelly abcesses that can lead to gangerine still won't sstop them using drugs though and stealing up to £500 a week to feed there habit plus benefits and the whole army of people trying to at least minimise the amount of problem addicts cause.
free drugs works and somewhere clean to shoot up and weekly dole payment lot cheaper than keeping muppet in jail probably paid by a 250% tax on cocaine same with weed lsd and E and speed people know what there getting.
few people are going to by cheap dodgy pills if you can buy for example ministry of pills branded es
those that fear and explosion in drug use NEWSFLASH i work with young civis in not a well paid job and there openly talking about drug use at the weekend short of compulsion I don't think you could get much more drug use :(
the war was lost a long time ago
Simple fact the so " war on drugs" has done nothing to eradicate drug use in the UK, much as prohibition in the US did nothing to stop the sale of alcohol. All that happens is organised crime enters the picture seeing the vast profits to be made, thus gaining money and money = power.
The police statistics reckon 65 - 70 % of crime is drug related from the importation by the major cartels to the lower level smackhead thieving to fund his habit.
By legalising it straight away the price comes down, who's gonna sell it if theyre no profit in it, and you cut out the criminal element.
The billions the goverment would make in taxation could be used for hospitals etc etc the prisons would'nt be so overcrowded police would be freed up .
Here in Liverpool the price of Class A drugs is constantly decreasing,because of the easy availbility of them pretty much I would imagine as across the whole country.
By the way I am not a drug user just sick of idiotic goverment policy
brighton hippy said:
free drugs works and somewhere clean to shoot up and weekly dole payment lot cheaper than keeping muppet in jail
Yes, but then they are still out and about making the place look untidy. Yes prison costs money, but it's money well spent. Leave them on the dole and provide free drugs and you are effectively incentivising the workshy, the feckless and the mentally unstable to opt-out of life. At that point you have to question the point of their continued existence.
Horridlittleman said:
Addiction to illegal substances means that a crime has been carried out at some point and the individual should be punished not rewarded.
But they are only illegal because of the stroke of a pen. A similar stroke would make them legal.

Most of the laws are based on obsolete research and outright prejudice.

If we could have a grown-up debate about drugs, then we could shift them from being a criminal problem to a medical and social one and help get those who take them sorted out.

I would legalise all drugs with following provisos. Only over 18s. Free drugs supplied from Government centres. You are made fully aware of the effects the drugs will have on you and you sign a waiver to say you fully understand this and agree to the forgoing. If you fall ill from taking drugs you will be taken to a remote area were you will be kept free from pain but NO intervention will be made to cure you or save your life. It will have been YOUR decision to embark on a drug regime and YOU are responsible for your own life and the outcome. It will stop Drug related crime at once. It will free up a huge resource in the NHS. It will rid the streets from the scum that infest them now as they beg, steal, and thieve their way to the next fix. It will free up police to concentrate on other matters not drug related.
Those in favour of this are missing a few key points:
1. Small-scale 'trials' are no substitute for the real ting.. theyre careflly planned and executed, by definition theyre easy to control. The world doesnt work like that.
2. Ciggies are legal all over the world, but there is still an illegal trade in them that supports criminals and terrorists. This will be worse with Heroin-based products because they are likely to be highly taxed and regulated. Not every smack-head is happy to be on a register - and im sure employers will be able to check it etc... Casual users will need an alternative supply.
The Taleban use poppies, and could continue to use them in a world with legalised heroin - With a valuable and legal product to ship out illegally via Pakistan or wherever. But they also use other sources... What do you think happens when weapons go mia from store rooms in Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc?? Donations from rich businessmen (whose to say they dont go into business with a like-minded Arab company to supply the west with another damaging product (this time froma sustainable source!)
If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got.

The current prohibition isn't working, what do you suggest? More of the same?

Im sure there is room for heroin on the NHS to the few who really need it.. yes it does work on those who really want to give up. But as a national policy?? surely not.. It sends out the wrong message, and we'd be on our own globally. Remember this only works if the whole world is on board. Britain/US/Afghanistan cant just do it alone - and we risk becoming the suppliers to a world full of smack-heads!
Actually.. there's an idea!

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