Legal to wear a uniform of an old disbanded British Regiment, at a family wedding?...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Oilyboy, May 19, 2011.

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  1. As a mark of respect to my Father, I intend wearing No.1 Dress of one of his old (now no longer existing!) regiments, either 3rd The Kings Own Hussars, or The Queens Own Hussars, when I get married next year.
    Someone on another forum has said I will be breaking the law. Surely this cannot be the case?, as effectively I'll be wearing 'fancy dress', at a PRIVATE function, and will not be portraying a currently serving member or the British Armed Forces, (even though I happen to be one, -albeit in the form of an Army Cadet Force Instructor).
    If it is illegal, then all these re-enactors, and guys who dress in period uniform when displaying privately owned historic military vehicles (-me with my Saracen, included!), are breaking the law.
    Can someone put the record straight, please? if possible please quote regulations........

    many thanks!
  2. You'd just look a ****. Can't you afford a decent suit?
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  3. since when did being in the Army Cadet Force make you a serving member of the british armed forces?
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  4. ? why the profanity? I most certainly would not bear any resemblance to the aforementioned slang termed part of the human anatomy!..... I've seen enough of them to know they are NOT made of dark blue material, with brass buttons on.... what planet are you from?
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  5. 'Legal'? Do you fear having your moth-eaten, dandruff-flecked collar felt by the uniformed branch of the Waltenkommando? It hardly matters.
  6. Obviously not the same one as you.

    As Jarrod said, you'd look like a complete twat. Get yourself to Burtons.
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  7. In all seriousness, I put this thread up, because I want a constructive answer, please don't waste your time by posting useless, derogatory remarks.
  8. Can you explain how it's a mark of respect to your father to wear his uniform. He earned it, you found it.

    On the reenactment tack, are you reenacting your father's wedding? Did he wear blues? Will your missus be wearing your mum's old frock?

    If you really must, can't you get hold of a set of ACF No.1s?
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  9. I think you might have your answer darling.

    You'll look like a dick.
  10. What makes "don't do it, you would look like shit" an unconsctructive answer?

    That's perfectly constructive.

    It's very simple too.
  11. only invited guests know when and where I'm getting married anyway, so I doubt there'll be any Police presence there, anyway.
  12. again, why resort to profanity?........ unconstructive.
  13. You remind me of the baldy one:[video=youtube;TBxoKuel5II][/video]
  14. Think I'll try higher up the tree, obviously noboby of any help here.....

  15. so what in ****'s name are you asking for?
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