Legal representation on Major Agai 67 review

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by roserae, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone have any experience of Major Agai 67 review hearings and if so would you recommend having legal representation for this?

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  2. You are entitled to seek legal advice but it is at your own expense. As MAA is not criminal proceedings there is no requirement nor allowance for legal presence at any stage. Bear in mind tgatbthe CoC is required to take legal advice at all stages so their case should be fairly watertight.

    Go on. What did you do?

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  3. Spill the beans, do it!
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  4. Lol its not me, its my other half. Nothing exciting, failing to meet the service test, mainly inefficiency, but its due to health reasons, has over 20years with excellent service record and no discipline then last 9 months they've had him every time he's farted so its then built up to this and he's been reduced 2 ranks grrrr

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  5. Bollocks.
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  6. Reduced two ranks at the 20 year point for failing the service test???? That is some failing! It must have been a very serious issue for the CoC to do this when he is in sight of his pension. I'm intrigued.

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  7. Much more succinct!

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  8. I like to say it as it is......
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  9. Its not bollocks, half the seniors have put in service complaints about the way that things are being done, the other half have applied to be moved and have been posted elsewhere.
    I didn't ask for opinions, I asked if anyone had experience of legal representation so if you haven't got this then don't bother commenting, thanks

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  10. The slug holds myriad data ref admin issues. But please, some of us have some modicum of service and believe your initial story to be exactly as the snail put it. So please, again, do not expect sympathy, because what is mor Riley to happen is for your pants to spontaneously combust.

    If. The situation is a bad as you say and all those service complaints are in I would suggest something would have happened to your CoC by now!

    As Devex stated, ALS is consulted every step of the way on the CoC's side, so the cases are generally watertight.

    PS You could just have used the search button; got your other half to search dii for the relevant paperwork; go see the welfare officer.

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  11. For reduction of one or more ranks, at a very minimum his level of failure, performance or behaviour must be deemed high (very serious misconduct) and he must have breached V&S by:

    Serious social misconduct

    Cases involving harassment, discrimination and/or bullying.

    Continued inefficiency after warnings.

    Serious failure to supervise SHEF standards

    But more importantly a CO would have to gain approval of a higher authority before he acted. Higher authority would only sanction the award once they have decided it is appropriate to the failing and had taken legal advice. All this has to be recorded on JPA for prosperity.

    When it comes to Major Sanctions CO's can not just go rogue and dish out what they feel.

    maybe you should be asking him just exactly what he has been up to ^~
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  12. It's a curse here on Arrse, when someone comes in and blows the OP's version of the truth to ******* smitherines.......So, reduced two ranks - that makes him a Jnr Soldier again!
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  13. Perhaps he's having a midlife crisis.

    Nine months ago... I can see it now in my mind's eye. Twenty year stripey on the brink of pension, looks out the window from behind a coffee-stained JPA terminal to see the lads on their way out for a good piss-up and bang, the "I'M NOT PAST IT!" thoughts kick in.

    Off he goes out in search of the crew, ends up slaughtered and attempts to bottle a bouncer for calling him fella, misses in a drunken stupor and subsequently hits a twenty something bride-to-be on her hen night right in the face. Pisses himself in the riot van for good measure. Anyway, awkward and tentative release the next day culminating in one-way debrief by CoC and accusations of failing service test.

    All downhill from there, as similar situations are repeated every weekend.

    Or something. I'm so f***ing bored.
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