Legal question

Legal Question

Those serving 22years immediately transfer to the reserve upon discharge where they remain until 60; their pensions are taxed at source regardless of geographic location & a P60 generated annually.

Reserve service constitutes a written contract between individuals and HM and is (or perhaps was) punishable by law if they failed to comply with a mobilisation order.

My question therefore is: are military reservists (all, but particularly those living outside EU) ‘crown servants’ when it comes to;

a) Eligibility to claim child (& other applicable) benefit while living outside EU?

b) Passing on their citizenship in such a way that their grandchildren are British as of right due to granddads ‘crown service’ commitment? (the normal route currently denies grandchildren the right to British citizenship under the British nationality act unless born in UK or to a British mother)

c) The electoral register?

If the answer is ‘no’ why are they being taxed & are the grounds listed above legitimate reason to decline a mobalisation order or to ask to be removed from the reserve, citing descrimination by HMG in favour of UK/EU based blokes in the same position?
They can't/won't enforce mobilisation. You'll get a nice letter in an envelope saying "there's a war....would you like to attend" and the promise of a crisp £10 note if you get the letter back to them with x amount of days.......if my memory serves me correctly.
I honestly dont have a clue what the answer to that one is!

If you need to know the answer as opposed to being merely curious ...please PM me and I will try to point you in the right direction.

Sorry pal
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