Legal perving

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. So the wife says we are going out to meet an old friend of her's.Great I think some boring day this is going to be,but wait.
    We end up at a local horse and dog show.Cue the young women in their jodhpurs,boots and crops.Better yet,the wife's friend has two daughters (18 and 19) in full riding kit!I really didn't know which way to look.
    After a couple of hours,the wife says "are you bored,shall we go"? "Oh no dear",I say,"you stay a chat to your friend,I don't mind"
    So we all go to the beer tent,and I get in another two hours letching.
  2. Sarge_Knows_Best

    Sarge_Knows_Best Old-Salt

    ah the joys of jodphurs lol
  3. Airfix

    Airfix Crow

    Fess up, one of em had the body of a 15-year old.... :wink:
  4. Sarge_Knows_Best

    Sarge_Knows_Best Old-Salt

    and i suppose u never had ur fone on u to take pics of the "horses"
  5. afghanman

    afghanman War Hero


    Were they anything like this, Sir??
  6. Brush_Dust_Shake

    Brush_Dust_Shake War Hero

    Did you see any impressive cameltoe effects?
  7. Sarge_Knows_Best

    Sarge_Knows_Best Old-Salt

    help any onto their horse lol
  8. There's nothing matter with a bit of legal perving and I say that having spent the day at the rugby in Twickenham yesterday. Never before have a pair of binoculars been put to such good use! Pity they got a bit steamy at times. =(
  9. Sarge_Knows_Best

    Sarge_Knows_Best Old-Salt

    legal perving - gods reward for being a little devil at times

  10. Yep,they were all there.(I wish)

    Most were too young or too old,but some were just perfect.
  11. Sarge_Knows_Best

    Sarge_Knows_Best Old-Salt

    Yep,they were all there.(I wish)

    Most were too young or too old,but some were just perfect.[/quote]

    sounds like the 3 beers and the porridge
  12. BANDSMAN69

    BANDSMAN69 War Hero

    One of the many joy's of life.. not that there are many
  13. Sarge_Knows_Best

    Sarge_Knows_Best Old-Salt

    fink its the fact that they have crops lol