Legal opinion needed- right to medical pension

Hello all,

I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who will have a definite answer to my question- as I have been going from pillar-to-post!

Essentially, came to the end of my commission in 2013 even though medical problems were being investigated by Headley Court who asked that my commission was extended- this never happened.

Subsequently and very recently, I won my AFCS claim and was entitled to a GIP.

Question: as my medical injury relates to an incident during service, and given that the severity was such that I was awarded a GIP, am I entitled to a medical pension payable from the time I left the service, or not?

Also, apparently, there is an AGAI that states that if a medical pension is awardable, then this must be applied for within 12 months of leaving the service- this is what I was told by Army Manning. But the thing is- how would it have been possible for me to do this within 12 months of leaving if it has only just been acknowledged (by winning my AFCS) that indeed, I did incur a serious injury?

I'd be grateful for some specific advice!

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