Legal Officer, training contracts...

I understand to be a legal officer you have to do the LPC and then a training contract off your own back. Getting a training contract itself is extremely difficult because it is competitive. If somewhere offers you a training contract, they are investing in you and so expect you to stay with them once you have done your two years training.

My question is for anyone who knows:

Are there a lot of instances where legal officers leave straight after their 2 years training? Or do lawyers tend to become legal officers later on in their civi lawyer career? Just want to get the feel for the lawyers journey to joining the ALS, if anyone knows of any examples from people they know.

It’s a shame the army don’t provide their own form of training contracts, people who want to join the army could be in the army a lot sooner.

I know one girl who applied to join the ALS straight after her training contract. Given the time for the application to be processed and accepted or rejected it was a good 6 months post TC before she left her firm.

Contrary to what you may have heard the retention rate post training contract is not great. As my training principle told me "If you stay you will be treated like a trainee for the next 5 years plus" so I moved on quite quickly as it's true in my experience.

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