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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by JudgeDredd, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. I was asked by you in the Law Forum and in pm’s to detail some information on employment law, damages (compensation) and divorces so that military personnel are familiar with their civilian rights in Civvie Street.

    I thought I would do these articles for now and I will start a separate thread for each one as they are distinct areas and I will try to do one a week:

    1. Getting the Job - dealing with the advertisements for a job, what can and cannot be said at interviews, terms of pay, what should be in a contract of employment etc

    2. Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures - what happens if you are not performing to the standards set by your employer and they make a complaint against you (disciplinary procedures) and what happens if the company is not acting fairly and you want to make a complaint against the company for things such as passing you up for promotion etc (grievance procedures

    3. Moving On - what to do if you are to be made redundant, or are being sacked or you simply find a better job. What issues are there on restrictive covenants (preventing you from taking your "customers”, working near your ex employer doing the same thing etc)

    4. Damages (compensation) the differences –what are the issues that affect compensation claims and why there appears to be a huge gap between civilian payouts and military injury payouts and how personal injury payments are calculated

    5. Damages (compensation) what is quantum and liability –generally what does this mean and how does it affect how much money you may receive and such like

    6. Divorce Law – the basics – what is the basic law on getting a divorce and the grounds for a divorce. How do I get a “quickie” divorce?
    7. Divorce Law – the procedure – how do I file my own divorce and how long does it take, looking at what needs to be done step by step to the final decree absolute

    8. Children (parental responsibility) – what is PR and what does it mean to me as an unmarried father and what “rights” do I have.

    9. Finances on Divorce – do I really have to give my ex 50% of all my assets and if so why. Does the law favour men or women when it comes to finances?

    10. Finances on Divorce – pensions – do I have to give my ex half my pension too? What if we have only been married a short period of time? What if there will be some time before I get my pension and that sort of thing.

    11. The differences between a Barrister and a Solicitor – explaining the differences between the different roles of the different types of legal advisers you can find now and what to watch out for. More importantly this will link into how they charge (too much) money and how you could save a buck or two.

    I won’t do them in any particular order so please bear with me. Any questions or any more topics you wanna add, just holler!
  2. Judge Dredd's signature stated:

    Please read the health warning regarding the information provided on the legal forum. You should not rely on the information I post here unfortunately, not least because of namby pamby do gooders who make helping others a nightmare and leaves us, who are trying to help, potentially subject to a law suit.
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    You mean 'lawyers' then?