Legal fees

It's only if you sold your house due to posting and then bought another at your current duty station. There are time restrictions and it is a bureaucratic nightmare.

It's best to get a knowledgeable AGC guru on side to give you the correct guidance.

Failing that, keep putting fraudulent travel claims in on JPA to top up your bank account.


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07.0501. Aim. The aim of Refund of Legal Expenses (RLE) is to contribute towards the legal and associated expenses a Service person necessarily incurs when on assignment they elect to both sell a Residence at Work Address (RWA) and purchase a RWA at the new duty station. Alternatively, it contributes towards the legal fees that arise on letting and repossession of a home (see Section 5 Part 2). It therefore assists existing homeowners to remain in the property market.
You cannot get anything back if you are buying your first property, only if you are selling and then buying on assignment.

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