Legal dilema dealing with chavs who broke my bike

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wild_moose, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. So I leave my motorbike parked in a covered but accessible parking area which is often frequented by a few unwashed youths who lounge around smoking fags or eating chips; generally no dramas but I came home yesterday to find that someone had ripped the number plate off the bike.

    Obviously I don't expect to find the culprit and have resigned myself to the cost of the new one but in trying to find an effective way of preventing a reoccurrance (obvioulsy building a garage is a bit pricey) so I'm now faced with the dilema of whether I'm legally allowed to tape razor blades to the new plate?

    Failing this any other solutions spring to mind?
  2. Razor blades is ok - it's a punk statement. Make sure they are covered in dog shit though, we wouldn't want the chav twats not to get blood poisoning now
  3. This is where you would just love to wire something up to the mains so that they came into contact when carrying out there unwarranted criminal damage activities!!??

    Added bonus that the fried chav would be available post event for identification purposes.
  4. 81 supporter sticker?
  5. wild moose: you'll need to report it to the rozzers:

    the little shites will stick you plates on their bike, fill up at a petrol station, and then buggger-off without paying.

    You'll get the visit from the boys in blue because the cameras will have captured your plate....
  6. Shaped charge triggered to detonate when the number-plate's ripped off. Thad'll learn 'em"

  7. Too much noise pollution, H&S will have him for it...
  8. However, that may take weeks to get rid of the damn awfaul stink . . . :wink:
  9. Not wishing to sound patronising but have you thought of fitting an alarm and data-tagging it? Is it bolted to the floor? In my experience, thieves often try to pick bikes up to throw them in the back of a van for a quick getaway. It often results in lost number plates, side-panels, indicators etc., as they look like a convenient hand-holds to the inexperienced.
  10. All good points and the bike itself is as secure as I can reasonably make it - it seems it's just the bits attached to it!

    Cheers for the replies - think I've settled on razor blades smeared with dog sh1t :twisted:

    Sin22ner - ah hadn't thought of that cheers fella, knowing my luck I'd be blamed for some drive-by gang shooting or something.
  11. Park.