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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ShoghunUK, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. I am writing this post on the off-chance that someone may be able to advise me or maybe one of our TA brethren who may be a lawyer or some such.

    I've been fighting PAX over personal accident insurance. They have admitted that I am eligible for compensation but what they are trying to do is fob me off with a few thousand pounds which is a lot less than what the policy agreed upon. I've now gotten to the stage that I am fed up with their lies and excuses and want to take them to criminal court for breach of contract, damages and a load of other little bits and pieces. The problem is find a solicitor that will actually under take this case. I've contacted a few of the larger law firms and the regular response is that they don't deal with that sort of case. I've spoken with Legal Aid and looked through the law register but have only drawn a blank, so far.

    I am reaching out for help. If anyone can offer me advice or if you are a solicitor or barrister and can help, please let me know. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

    Many thanks.
  2. Have a look on here to find a reputable solicitor in your area:

    The Law Society - Find a solicitor

    alternavily call one of those ambulance chasers who advertise on the telly who might do the job for you on a no win no fee basis
  3. Criminal court? I am no lawyer, but surely you mean civil court?
    If you have had an offer of compensation, and it's not been agreed, then unless I'm mistaken, you will have to take it to County Court.
    Have you not considered the fact that no solicitor will touch it because it will not be worth their time and effort?
    Forgive me if I am missing something basic here!
  4. Try BAFF or the Royal British Legion, either will be delighted to advise.
  5. I can highly recommend Wilkin Chapman as a firm, but don't know if they deal with this kind of dispute. however, they are very experienced with the military and deal with associated areas such as AFCS claims: Armed Forces solicitors, Lincolnshire, Cleethorpes, Horncastle, Grimsby, Lincoln, Beverley, Louth, Humberside, Market Rasen, Alford, Sutton-on-Sea, Mablethorpe - Wilkin Chapman Solicitors*

    PM or chat on FB if you want more details. prepare to shit yourself when you hear how much they charge... I know I did!
  6. County Court for a start pal.

    Look at Forces Law - adverts in Soldier Magazine every month. They will have somefirm close enough to you.

    Good luck.
  7. As in County Court for a start in getting things right. This is not a criminal matter.
  8. shoghun, might sound obvious, but have you already received a professional opinion on whether there is a case to answer? is there any chance that the PAX twats are legally watertight (even if it's morally shitty and leaves a bad taste in the mouth)?

    just wondering because you're talking about court action etc, don't know if you've already had a solicitor look over the PAX contract? if so, what did they say?
  9. I have had two opinions, but my own solicitors don't deal with this type of civil claim (I was incorrect when I stated criminal above but then again I am on over 170mg morphine, twice a day so I am allowed to make the odd mistake :) ) and also a local firm, which is quite large in my area, but again they do not deal with breach of contract cases.

    My claim is watertight. PAX tried to fob me off under section 1b when I was clearly discharged under 1a of their payment policy. They have offered me various sums of money, through the Financial Ombudsman, but have also tried to obfuscate the facts in order to try and convince the FOS that because of an underlying problem, they are not eligible to pay the full amount - as detailed in their policy. I jumped through every hoop that they set in the way and I have had so many medical opinions (all in my favour) that I think I am becoming an expert in complex spinal injuries through all the reports I have read!! When I threatened to take them to court, last year, they promised me the earth if only I had just one more exam. I did and they didn't. So, I've had enough.

    I've sent an email to the company you recommended and we will see what happens. Also, Glad has introduced me to a member of BAFF who may be able to assist.

    To everyone who replied, thank you. I don't log on everyday as most days I am so stoned I couldn't even find the power switch! If you have any more advice, I welcome it. Thanks again!