Legal AK47?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REMEbrat, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. This will no doubt seem like a very strange question but is there any way of legally owning a fully working AK47 in this country?

    If you can how on earth do you aquire said rifle? I can't imagine HM Revenue And Customs being all to keen on letting it through customs!
  2. class 5 fire arms licence.
  3. Google;

    Firearms ( amendment ) Act 1997.
  4. or move abroad,,
    work for blackwater.
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  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You can get newly made straight pull models for about £400. The gas port isnt drilled through the barrel and the piston is too short. Fun and reasonably accurate.
    Or you could move over the pond:click and bang
  6. Yes.

    Perfectly straightforward. You need either a personal Firearm Certificate with Section 5 authority from the Home Secretary (Practically impossible) or you need to be a Registered Firearms Dealer with Section 5 authority from the Home Secretary. Loads of people fall into the latter category. They are either arms dealers or run film special effects armouries etc.

    If you want to put it on your unit's armscote there's no legal reason to stop you as far as I know.
  7. No, mainly because of this man.


    (But i suspect you we not even born when he kicked off)
  8. Why on earth would anybody need such a thing?

    As you said, movie armourers are registered as dealers. How could any individual justify the need for an automatic rifle? Presumably it can't be used for hunting, unless you are fond of eating mince.
  9. I recall an old Soviet General coming to Bisley about 3 years ago to promote a brand of Vodka he was marketing; his name (and the Vodka) was Kalashnikov and the visit was kept quiet (I have always assumed so the TR brand was not tarnished!) and a few photos were taken of General Kalahnikov with his invention.

    Now comes the funny bit;........................ the poor old sod was not allowed to shoot an AK and had to be content with firing a gas film prop AK47 after a S.5 dealer demonstrated the real thing.
    It sounds bollocks, but there again put British gun law and the NRA together and you get bollocks!
  10. Only straight pull as Ugly says.

    Apparently rounds from a straight pull garand or centre fire rifle don't hurt as much.

    As much as I was aggreived at the banning of sporting pistols I genuinley see no reason why a civillian would need to own a semi automatic rifle.
  11. Museum Collection is the obvious one.

    Lots of people have section 5 authority for all sorts o things. I know people with Section 5 authority on personal firearms certificates for pistols and dart guns. The same principle applies.

    If you stop to think about it, I am potentially far more deadly with my sniper rifle than I could be with an AK.

    It's the person that's safe or not rather than the firearm.

    Nutters will always come up with something as in this case from Sullivan School in Northern Ireland:

    On 17 June 1994, Garnet Bell, a former pupil, entered the School Hall during an A Level exam carrying an improvised flame thrower, containing petrol and paraffin. Bell discharged the device, burning six pupils, three of them seriously. He was subsequently found guilty of three cases of attempted murder and three of grievous bodily harm, receiving six life sentences.

    During his defence Bell claimed he was under the influence of temazepam at the time of the attack, and bore a grudge against the school for not providing him with adequate career advice. He was also convicted of the arson of his brother's house whom he unsuccessfully intended to kill.

    Bell died while serving his sentence in prison.
  12. My disabled mate Pete might argue the toss with you on that one......

    As would everyone who has a 22 rimfire semiauto rifle.