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Removed for legal reasons.....
There are forms to complete if you are eligiable for Legal Aid under the Military, including a financial breakdown which should be with ACLAA (Army Criminal Legal Aid Authority) no earlier than 14 days prior to Courts Martial however, in the Army you are only eligiable if a. you are refered for trial by Courts Martial by your CO to Higher Authority, B If you put in an appeal against a DCM/GCM or Summary Dealing (or Post Trials and Summary Dealing Section at Land do it for you) or you are taken into Military Custody. As TA, and I have dealt with this as an SSA, if the case is Military related and fills the above criterea then the answer is yes, Civil Offences .......No. Note that you will be given choices if you are eligiable 1. A Civil Laywer of your choice. 2. A service Lawyer appointed by ACLAA, normaly RAF (Avoids conflict of interest). 3. A Civil Laywer appointed by ACLAA, normaly well versed in Military Law. 4. No Legal Representation. Again, if this is a civil offence without Military Involvement you must go through the civy system, good luck.
Removed for legal reasons.....
Sorry Buddy, the Military can't help you on this one, however, yes, you must declare your TA earnings, if found out in the future they WILL backdate any payment assesments done if you are unsucsesfull in the custody battle (at least in the UK they will, I know the CSA hammered me me for 2 kids and I have 2 more with my "New Wife", I should buy a TV I know), I dont know the US system on this, maybe someone else out there may be able to help you, Good Luck.

NB - I know when I have dealt with TA civil cases before the Lawyers have come to me to ask for TA income from X date to X date.
Cheers mate.....No doubt, you may see some publicity regarding it all in the near future.....
Get your Solicitors to write a "Employers Authority" to APC Glasgow, it go's like this,
I, authorise you to let my solicitors Messrs*****,address. have access to all relevant records relating to my pay.


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