Legal Aid meets Human Rights act... again.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Geology graduate forced to leave voluntary work at museum to sweep up at Poundland challenges legality of Government work experience scheme | Mail Online

    Apparently the new(ish)ly implemented workfare system breaches various articles set up to prevent slavery and force labour, such as the horror of stacking shelves and sweeping up n Poundland when you have a Geology Degree and would much rather work in a museum.

    I am sure those Eastern European human trafficked sex slaves would feel her pain.
  2. Age of austerity clearly not applying to legal aid again.
  3. It's not ******* slavery FFS!

    She's free to leave any time she wants, but that will mean she doesn't get benefits.

    In other words, she can quit but won't get paid. I'm pretty sure that's called work.
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  4. So in an age when we're complaining that graduates have no real life experience to help them in their workplace, we're to insist that graduates give up work experience that will help them in their intended workplace?

    Can't we just send them to the countryside to learn from peasants? Wouldn't that be far more ideologically satisfying?

    If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
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  5. She isn't paid for the work, she is given cash benefits for being unemployed.
  6. And one of the conditions of receiving that money is that she does the work. What difference does it make?
  7. She's given money to support her in her search for work, if she wants to do voluntary work she can do it in her own time. My employer wouldn't permit it, neither would yours so why should the taxpayer?
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  8. Have you read the article even?

    It was not a condition, she was mislead about this and told it was mandatory when it was not.

    If the state or any private sector company wants her to work they should pay her a wage, which they were not doing.

    It would also be illegal for your or my employer to force you to work unremunerated.
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  9. Nobody's FORCING her!

    She's not been locked in a shed, or told by her pimp that she'll be killed.
  10. It's not unremunerated, nor is it forced. It's one of the conditions of receiving JSA.
  11. Theoretically she is being is being paid for the work - in the form of job seekers benefits.

    Still she wants to continue her slave labour for the museum where shes not paid either, other than benefits but thats ok.
  12. Can she not do both? Poundlands aren't that big, wont take long to sweep.
  13. Having stated that she was unsupervised and untrained in her forced labour in Poundland, has she been trained and is she supervised in her unpaid work in the museum? If not has she raised this point? Is she in fact not attacking Poundland or the JSA at all but laying the foundation for a huge claim off the museum? Once she gets a settlement off Poundland them she can take on the real target armed with a favourable legal judgement.

    I think she is playing the long game.
  14. I'm sure she could with the other 18hrs of the day as she was only working for 5hrs of the day and I fial to see how her voluntary slave labour was longer than a few hours
  15. The voluntary work she did in the museum was probably of worth to the public purse unlike being a slave for poundland.

    Lets be blunt here, no one should be forced to do jobs aimed at those with learning difficulties in some attempt to give them "training" that is in fact worthless and simple exploitation.
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