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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Monoloco, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. Chaps,

    I've been in for about 12 years and have enjoyed every (nearly every) second. However, it now comes to the point where enough is enough and I truly believe that I've been career fouled by my hierarchy.

    Trust me - I'm not a whinger and someone just pissing and moaning because I haven't come off the board, someone has dropped the ball.

    I have tried - via the chain of command - to get this sorted and now this is the only option left.

    To that end - does anyone know of any solicitors / legal types who specialise in Military Law? We know they're out there, but does anyone know any names or firms?

    Many thanks in advance

  2. you might get more joy posting this in the RHQ forum.
  3. I take it that you have little faith in the redress system!

    You will find many firms of solicitors dealing in Military Law. Many more now than there was even ten years ago. There are plenty of ex-Army Officers who left under 'options for change' in the 1990s who went into law and are now well-established. Some of them are now senior partners! A google search will reveal dozens of them.

    I would have thought though that the Armed Forces Federation would be the first port of call for you. After all, this was one of the reasons they were set up to help. If they are switched on, as I am sure they will be, they will have a database of contacts to help you with specific problems.

    I would try them first before you prostrate yourself before a fee-earning solicitor.
  4. The Law Society (which regulates Solicitors in England and Wales) offers a search facility to let you search for specialists in your area. I note that 'Military Law' is a search option.

    Obviously some willl be better than others. I suggest you talk to a few and see what they each have to say.
  5. Track down a solicitor called Bill Bache - he used to work for a firm called Pye Smiths...

    I have witnessed him run rings round the Army Legal Services and the MoD...

    He ain't cheap - but he'll win.

  6. Stop p*ssing about CR....we know its you :oops:
  7. i did wonder for a second if i were schizophrenic :)
  8. Are you sure you have exhausted all possible avenues with your chain of command and that you are completely beyond reconcilliation?.

    I'm assuming you have already had a quiet word with your RCMO ?
  9. but then you reassured yourself that you weren't, suggested to yourself that you might go to the pub, and bought yourself drinks all night. Good drills
  10. What you want is an employment law specialist, with knowledge/experience in the military. Not a military law specialist.

    There are a number of firms who have made their names by fighting court martials, and taking challenges under the Human Rights Convention to the European Court of Human Rights. These are specialists in Criminal Law and Military Law. They would not necessarily have an igloo about your situation if you have a problem with career/employment issues.

    Be careful when you conduct your search that you are searching for the right thing!
  11. Go away you silly little boy.
  12. Hello ML,

    What exactly is the problem, I take it that you have been career fouled somewhere along the lines. As you rightly mention the chain of command is always the best approach but if you aren't getting any joy I would suggest you miss out a couple of links and take it higher. If that hasn't worked then perhaps the direct approach as an alternative and contact your RCMO or MCM Div.

    With regard to a legal course of action, I've read a couple of the suggestions above and they make absolute sense, I would add that perhaps you contact your local British Legion for advice, alternatively, you could go down the welfare route, I'm sure SSAFA would be able to point you in the right direction and Soldier Magazine has a couple of adverts and contact numbers for solicitors.

    Hope all ends well for you.
  13. Check out the BAFF legal advice helpline.
  14. Many thanks for your replies fellas - I do appreciate it.

    Just to stress - I'm not a whinging arse and have been happy enough to 'crack on' and 'take it on the chin' but, seriously, enough is enough! I have attempted the Chain of Command route, I don't think the RCMO holds any water so I feel this is my only option.

    Again, many thanks for your responses - I shall endeavor to keep you posted (if anyone's interested!)

  15. If you've done 12-ish years and you are in the Intelligence Corps, surely you are a SNCO. In which case, get a fucking grip of yourself and call the RCMO if you honestly believe you have been career fouled by your CoC. Alternatively, you could have the balls to confront your OC/CO and get the matter addressed.