Legal Advice from landlord/house joint owner needed.

Good Morning

I thought I might see if I can get some good gen from the assembled brains to help out a mucker of mine.

Currently in Bastion, he has received via a Facebook Message (of all things) that his Dad's Partner's Daughter (ie would be step-sister if his old man married the lady), with whom he has joint ownership of a house in Halstead, is about to move out with her boyfriend, who is buying a house.

In her place, she is moving in a 'friend from work' who will pay around 300 a month and all bills. However, nearly-step sister has said they will have to ask how much she can afford!

This is due to the house being on the market, and nearly-step sister thinks it is an imposition for her work mate to show prospective buyers around.

My mucker is not keen for a host of reasons (it isn't buy-to-let mortgage for a start), so, my direct questions are:

1. He has no legal agreement with nearly step sister, having just split 50/50 when they bought the house 2 years ago. Does he have any right to force her to sign something retrospectively to stop her doing crazy stuff whilst away?

2. Can he as joint owner veto said dodgy rental?

Anything else that may help resolve the situation - he wants to get shot of the house, but he would consider formal renting at market rate in mean time.

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