Legal action over BNP membership

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by johnboyzzz, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. The UK's equalities watchdog has begun legal action against the British National Party over concerns about ethnic restrictions on its membership.

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission said limiting membership to those of an "ethnic origin" described as "indigenous Caucasian" was illegal.

  2. But "National Black Police Association" and similar organisations are completely legal? Or is it just white people who are not allowed to discriminate. FFS.

    Not getting at the police (although that is an ARRSE tradition), they just have some very high-profile racist organisations (and I don't mean ACPO!) You could make the same point re sex-exclusive, sexual-preference-exclusive, religion-exclusive ... Isn't justice supposed to be blind?
  3. So you an only be racist if you are white?
    Its perfectly acceptable to have an organisation that does not allow white people (as Idrach's post above)

    The one and only time I have liked something Nick Griffin has said was when he was asked about the white only membership of the BNP, he just smiled and said words to the effect of "as you can imagine, its not really an issue as nobody who isn't white has ever applied"
    At least onthat score he was relatively honest, not a common trait amongst politicians.

    On a much more serious note, if people want to counter te BNP then they should do so with policies and debate. Simply trying to legally banish them does not counter their policies and merely serves to boost their profile.
  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    priceless, a movement that hates all gentlemen of colour being forced to accept them as members...................... could only happen in this Great Asylum of ours.
  5. More double standards and hypocrisy from the "Equal" opportunies lobby. Will the commission sue the Black Police Association or the hundreds of ethnic specific interest groups?
    Will the MOBO awards be banned, will the Muslim Association of Britain be forced to open its membership to Christians and Jews?

    Smacks of the Labour party using its lackeys to undermine the opposition again, all at the taxpayers expense.

    Methinks an election is on the horizon.
  6. A counter productive move that will create publicity and generate sympathy for the BNP. Griffin and CO are becoming increasingly adept at using attacks against them to their own advantage.
  7. The difference being that the BPA is a lobbying organisation wheras the BNP is a political party that could in theory have policy making powers at some point in it's life, so it isn't really comparing like with like.
  8. The only reason they're being taken to court now is that the BNP has a bit of money coming in with the two Euro seats, so there's a bit of lolly in it.

    Or am I being a bit too cynical?
  9. I can remember our local library having a Black History Month some years ago and I queried when they would have a White History Month , their answer was that I was being racist.
    I have taken the trouble to read the literature put out by all political parties and have to be honest , there is a lot I totally agree with in the BNP and very little I can believe in New Labours lie sheet
  10. Seems a bit rum that a political party can not include/exclude who it wants. That's errrrrrrrrrr democracy.
  11. Glad to see it.

    Put the sods in prison.
  12. Come on then, what do you agree with in the BNPs outpourings?

  13. So you will be lodging a complaint of racial discrimination against the Black Police Officers Association will you?

    Nope, thought not.

  15. I am a white, heterosexual fully paid up British citizen.

    Are there any groups I can belong to apart from the:


    This country has been fcuked over by the PC nanny state to the point where it is scared to wipe its own arrse.