Legacy JS course

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Driverman11, Nov 20, 2010.

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  1. I have been told 2 legacy Joint Service courses are being run in the new year, People on this wont have to do the whole Defence EOD Operators course!
    Why is this? Dinger do u know?
    There running them before the Rules change in April 11
  2. I know very little about the courses or rule changes.

    I'm more intrigued to know if DEODO (that is very close to dodo!) will ever take another course to qualify as high threat operators.
  3. anyone know anything about JS legacy/DEODO?
  4. Not heard anything at the school and to tell the true it doesn't make sense.

    As of Apr 11 the JS qual becomes worthless as far as EOD pay is concerned.
  5. yes they will. or they mught just go straight to DESTROY STT, depending on forgen reqirement and/or their reccomendations

    the legacy course are what they are: if you a BDO or an ATO/ AT SNCO, you can do this course without having to (re) do phase 1/2 of the DEOC and you are a DEOC at the end of it.
  6. These courses have already been loaded. If you haven't been told you're on one them yet - you're not.
  7. It won't be long before EOD pay is gone. The dumbing down of IEDD for ops, opening it up to all and sundry and the re-intro of EOD as a trade within CRE means there will no longer be a requirement for a retention initiative.

    ALL AT/ATOs should have to undertake the course now in it's current format, after all, pahse 1 and 2 shouldn't be a problem. It would be a good yardstick to allow OC/COs to measure soldiers by.
  8. There are 2 JS Lagacy courses being run , I found out.
    Back to back, over the two courses only 8 RLC on it the rest being taken from the Engiqueers (me not being one of them)

    They are getting priority because the are going on SIT/Destroy on HERRICK 15/16

    Anyone got any more on this or is this how its going down?
  9. no......... from the top, you now have to do the whole DEODS thing, the legacy cses are for the Engr's whom are 801 qual, so if you aint 801, you have to do the whole DEODS select, ph1 and ph 2, as the 801 bit is inc, and they are the new requirements for the EOD pay at JS level!!! PS if you want on a DEODS cse get in the queue which i think is about 5 months long at the mo .......... GOD DAMN IT!!!
  10. Closeammunition,
    I think you may be a little bit off with what you have said. The legacy courses being ran next year have Engrs with no EOD experience at all. There are beat up courses being run now that are aiming to get the new ones up to speed before attending the JS cse. Not sure how they will qualify as DEOD. As far as i'm aware (which might not be very well informed) those who are on the JS cse will then be put forward for IEDD destroy.
  11. sorry chilli just passing on what has come through the CoC, and that was there is no way of getting on the Legacy JS and if you aint warned off then you aint on them!!
  12. it looks like we are moving our iedd capabilities the way of the spams. lets hope that it works out for us.
  13. Random statement, care to elaborate.
  14. Dingerr,

    The problem with sending blokes on all phases of the course is that we loose them for far too long. If you take into account that most get loaded onto it fairly shortly after doing upgrading; they then go on an EOD apptitude course (WTF!) they then go on the DEODS course which in total is something around 14 -16 weeks (Guess).

    They are then behind on leave which means they are out of work for too bloody long.
  15. All that time, for less of a capability, great.