leg pain when running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Nutter, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. Right ladies and gents I knew that getting fit would be painful i expected nothing less. When im out running (jogging/fast walk by your standards) for the first 10-15 minutes im experiencing incredible pain in my right leg, focused just under the knee. It doesnt feel like muscle pain its like someone is kicking the front of my leg everytime i put my foot down. I have tried resting it for a couple of days then went back to the gym no change, i have noticed bruising beginning to form just under my knee on the inside of on my right leg and the same on my left leg. Im certain I havent hid my legs on anything to cause this. Anyone know why this is happening? and is it normal for the er larger man.

    At the moment im just tolerating it and carrying on, I need to get the run time down more by the end of November and as such dont really want to stop. On the plus side ive gone down from a fat man 40" waist to a 36 inch waist, nailed the press ups and sit ups and love doing fartleks and running.
  2. Have you seen a doctor about that? Sounds like your kneecap's going where it shouldn't be. Running might well not be a good idea
  3. Nutter

    Use the search function first. Then get to the best sports physio that you can find. Doctors often just don't fit the bill.

    Old rat
  4. Thanks i did use the search function, but many did talk about weird bruising. Which has started to go down, the pain when running is reducing a bit as well will see how it goes booked an appointment for later this week with a quack as im poor and cant afford to go see a physio.
  5. Possible cruciate ligament sprain? Best off not doing any lower body phys and speaking to specialist ASAP.
  6. Pain is your body's way of saying 'stop'! Go to the Doctor or a physio for a diagnosis.
  7. Firstly, see a doctor, and take some pictures of the bruising to help whomever diagnose what's doing what...

    But I had something very similar that started in my teens, pain and bruising, as you say, when running. The bruising would occur under and around the knee cap, and occasionally like a dot in the centre. After a few years was finally diagnosed with weak arches which were putting stress on the knee joint, and simply required insoles to be fitted by the ortho dept in hospital. Required a referral from the GP.

    I still wear them in day to day shoes/boots (and miss them if I don't) but for running find I can get away with correctly fitted trainers for people who heavily pronate, as their shape supports the arch a bit better. I also had over-developed quads which didn't help as the muscles around the knee were comparatively weak, and was given some exercises for it, but the biggest difference was from the insoles. I almost never get the pain now. Physios can prescribe insoles that might approximately work (trial and error), but the proper measurement and fitting if that's required can only be done by a specialist Doctor.