Leg of lamb.

Definitely ON, but peel 2 cloves of Garlic - make an incision next to the bone then push the cloves in. Smear in salted butter and Green Ginger Rosemary then roast at 220ºC for 20-24 minutes per kilo - turning once.
On the bone, seasoned with salt garlic and rosemary, then when most of the meat has been eaten, become a pig and remove the remnants with youre teeth. Lovely but i daren't let "er indoors" see me do it. Apparently it's common!
Off the bone. Butterflied and rubbed with olive oil, salt, sage, garlic and rosemary. Stick it on the barbecue at a fairly high heat for a few minutes to seal it then move to the side to a low heat and let it grill slowly with a sheet of bacofoil over it to trap the moisture and prevent it drying out. Turn after about 15-20 minutes and do the other side the same way.

Keep the bone for making gravy.

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