Leg/hip bags for medical+stash purposes?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Digital, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    Not sure what it would be called, or even if one exists.. while I'm on RT TA training I would find it pretty handy to have my notebook/pens and stuff! also medical supplies hooked around my thigh (I think) well the space between my hip and knee.. I have been placing all this kind of kit in either my (borrowed) combat jacket pockets and the side leg pockets on my C95 trousers. (That and it rubs the hell out of my legs and slaps around like a marching bands drums)

    So does anyone know if I could buy something of which I could hook to either my webbing or belt/combat trousers and tie around my leg to hold all my writing/medical kit for super easy access, I pretty much carry extra pens, markers, pads and not to mention pain killers,bandages, plasters creams and antiseptic stuff (also sweets) for the rest of my section :) Hence I seem to be picking up the name "kit" but really I do require something a bit more stable, secure and less hassle of finding while running, tabbing and in the classroom :)

    if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be most thankful for your time & patience in helping me find something that will do the trick :)
    *it would also have to be in DPM, as I don't think the instructors would be to keen on me wearing some kind of funky yellow bum-bag :)

    Very best regards

    *I don't really know what I am looking for, which is why I have asked :)
  2. There are several companies that make bags like this, one based in Wales, I'll PM you the details as soon as I can find the catalogue.
  3. Digital why don't you just use a daysack?
  4. The way to stop carrying spare crap for your admin nightmare section .Is either stop carrying it . Or frankly carry embrassing spare
    pens .When your spare pen turns out to be some glittering barbie thing they soon stop asking .Not to mention the the pleasure of
    having a corporal who i didnt like spend the weekend with his fingers covered in action man plasters .Digitial look up enabler they is helping a bloke out ,but,carrying a pouch for spare kit NO you are not the qm.
  5. I have found this to be a good idea, but sometime we are not always in distance of our day sacks.. I completely get what you saying and have used it for the very purpose but have found during most lesions the instructors let use ditch the day sacks and sometime webbing so we can walk around a field and examine the area.. OK that one was an example of filling out the range cards during the weekend. but I guess you get my point :)

    I'm really sick of the pens/pads I have banging around in my side pockets while running and would like it all in one place for quick easy access i.e to my pens/pads and medical supplies for the rest of my section, I guess later on when I pass RT6/GAP1+2 I could use it for maps and other small items.. I do have a few pads for many different lesions this way I can just whip the desired pad out and get going..

    On many occasions people forget there pens & pads that gets us all pissed off as we go searching for the mystery tree either as a group or the person who forget gets to go alone, well to stop this I give them a spare pair I have and just comment that they should not forget theirs.. kinda doing them a favour, but from some instructors point of view this is not so good as the person has to learn from their mistakes. I just like to keep everyone happy :) and I don't mind the extra weight as it is benefiting me in a small way :) Plus I will find it very useful later on when I pass all the TA RT1~6 and GAP1~2 training, so it works both ways for me as I will be spending a little money now and saving later :)

    Thanks for your quick reply and thanks very much for your advice :)

    Best regards
  6. Thank you very much theoriginalphantom, I look forward to hearing from you via PM :)
  7. Some people only bring what is listed, and nothing else this leaves them open to all sorts of hassles and either begging to borrow stuff or having to go without plus some of the younger lads seem to get themselves into some right scraps, I just hand out the plasters and sweets to keep everyone going and it's a nice meeting point for me.. as everyone knows if I ain't got it.. no one has :) and like I said it will come in rather handy later when I have completed all my training :)

    Thanks for your reply woody ;)

    *I don't fancy being the QM but I use the med kit quite allot myself for pain killers as I'm going through some dental treatment but still completing all the forced marches, and running tasks.. not to mention the pulled arse muscle I got from carrying to much weight up and down hills during my own time :) everyone finds my bags handy(not them one's though), not just me :)
  8. I'm pleased to see that you are obviously as keen as. But have you considered that if you strap what is effectively a utility pouch to your leg that it is going to be bouncing around in an even worse manner than having stuff in your pockets. Just wondering as well if you are on a lesson what sort of medical supplies do you need?
  9. If you must......from our very own site sponser...

  10. Why dont you put your pens inside your chest zipped pockets. They have sown in things that are made for putting pens in.

    And why do you need plasters and the like strapped to your leg. I can understand having your notebook in your leg pocket as that is where mine goes but surely you don't need all that medical crap so ready to hand. Put it somewhere in your webbing.

    It sounds like you are a very considerate person but next you will carrying spare socks for your section. And yes let them learn the hard way. That way they won't always be looking at you for spare everything.
  11. I'm in the beginning stages of my recruit cycle, and my boots are staring to get worn in..this is not to much of a hassle. But I'm also in the middle of a pretty mad dental session with the dentist so I'm carrying antibiotics, co-codamol, paracetamol and ibuprofen, bandages, some antihistamine cream and some muscle cream the doctors have given me for the pulled butt muscles, he and my PTI have said I have worked out to much but have fully stocked me with tabs and stuff to keep me going! so I'm carrying quite a bit at the moment hence why the need for something a bit more easy to reach for both purposes :)

    Thanks for your reply, I did not think about the utility pouch bouncing around as much as my legs getting any extra swing from the stuff I have been carrying in either my combat jacket or stashed inside my leg pockets on my combat trousers :)
  12. Thanks for your reply, and I must add that looks bloody fabulous & just what I need :)

    Cheers tebagagap ;)
  13. I've not seen them as I only have half my kit, I will be looking for them the next time I get to borrow a combat jacket :)
    Thanks for your reply

    *I'm only sticking with the extra pens and medical stuffs, if they need other stuff like that carrying I will for a short while but not 24/7 :)
  14. Get an extra pouch for your webbing from a surplus store, saves a lot of hassle. Also look out for dpm notebook covers; your PRI store should also cover that.
  15. Or just buy yourself a combat jacket finally. You can fit plenty of pens and shouldn't have too much trouble with your medical kit. What's the reason for all the bandages and what-not?