leg armour!

was asked today by a civvie...

"is there armour for legs like there is for the body? legs seem quite important and need protecting" (sincere look on face)

such a thing surely doesn't exist does it?
know a supplier that does them in green?
green is damn near synonymous with DPM, i wasnt being pedantic about the terminology because i assumed (wrongly) that it would be obvious reference to applying cricket leg guards to military use.
I've still got my police issue public order leg protectors in the loft. V. sexy black thingies that do up with velcro straps, meant to be worn under fireproof overalls. Phwoar.

We often wore our own PT kit when training though, and fifty overweight coppers in their Arsenal/ Man Utd/ Ramones/ Homer Simpson T-shirts, old rugby shorts, public order steelies, NATO helmets, leg protectors and full armour looked, well, cr@p.

Don't soldiers undergoing public order training get similar kit?

Yes we get issued black leg/ knee protectors and forearm/elbow protectors forpublic order . We wear them under our combats . The straps are crap and always snap . But the kit does work .
my bad!

i hadnt even considered armour for public order stuff.

cheers wombleboy (and others) for a most informative response. the mental image i had of big chunky armoured shorts being sported by infantry in urban conflict has almost been fulfilled.

trust the americans to come up with them.
there not new idea the old nam flak jacket had a lower part but it got binned as the yanks found it was too difficult to walk in .combat&survial
had a load they tried to sell years ago .

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