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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by woody, Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. Anti- fascists attacked a statue of a pro nazi ira leader .
    The statue of Sean Russell in fairview park dublin was left headless and minus his right hand .They said they could no longer tolerate the shameful presence of a memorial to a nazi collabrator .The statue is said to be beyond repair .Sean russell had been returning from germany to conduct sabotage and foster a coup but died of a peptic ulcer in a u boat
    in august 1941 .
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    About time too. Although many Irish men and women joined the War, the Irish government was in a state of denial throughout. DeValera even famously went to the German Embassy in 1945 to sign the book of condolences on the death of Mr Hitler :oops:

    Interestingly, many Irishmen went to Spain to fight in the Civil War - although far more for the Facists (In the Irish Brigade - not one of the more successful military organisations in history) than for the Republicans :)
  3. Sinn Féin still venerate Sean Russell, one-time Chief-of-Staff of the IRA in the 1930s. Despite the fact that he died on a German U-Boat in 1940, he was very much from the Marxist side of the Republican movement - he served with the 'Connolly Column' of Irish Republican/Communist volunteers during the Spanish Civil War. A Sinn Féin T.D. (member of the Dáil) recently paid tribute to Russell in August 2003. The National Graves Association (a Republican group) is complaining about the vandalism done to Russell's statue. It is ironic if indeed it was anti-fascists who damaged the statue, as Russell was far more of the hard-left than the hard-right.
  4. It must be remembered that fascist parties are not in fact right wing, but are left wing - the official title of the Nazi party was the NSDAP - "National Socialist German Workers Party". Left & right wing are terms bandied about by people who have no clue about what they mean.....
  5. Granted, fascism and communism are opposite sides of the same coin....but try explaining that subtle nuance to the 'left-wing socialist' and 'right-wing socialist' numbskulls the next time they get stuck into each other.
  6. A "fascist", like a "racist", is anyone who's winning a political argument with an unwashed lefty!!!
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Nice one, next stop the monstrousty in XMG must need pulling down again!
  8. No its a nice place for a p1ss/dump break!

  9. True indeed. Am apologising to myself for getting into the old 'the Nazis were Socialists too!' argument.

    "A conservative is a person who has discovered the benefits of careful grooming and fine tailoring" (well, I think it's good... :D )
  10. Peoples Front of Judea? no,Judean Peoples Front!!!
  11. Splitters

    whatever happened to the popular front?
  12. Irish Republican Ideological/Political Schizophrenia:

    1916 - The Irish Volunteers, having split from Redmond's National Volunteers (who join the British Army at the outbreak of hostilities in 1914), stage a rising in Dublin at Easter 1916. Although the stated intention of the Rising is to bring about an Irish Republic, the rebels are equipped with arms supplied by Imperial Germany. Had the Rising been successful, an independent Ireland would have become part of the German Empire under a Hohenzollern prince.

    1922 - after a three year guerrilla war, the independence of the 26 counties of what would become the Republic of Ireland is recognised by the Anglo-Irish Treaty. The will of the people accepting this is rejected by hard-line Republicans. Civil War ensues, though even after their military defeat, Republicans refuse to recognise the Irish Free State nor participate in its institutions, regarding the state as collaborationist and illegitimate.

    1923 to the 1930s - frequent attacks on politicians and members of the unarmed police force (Garda Síochana) are staged by an increasingly isolated IRA, now steadily drifting ever leftwards towards Communism. This sense of isolation is reinforced by the electoral victory of the one-time Sinn Féin of Eamon de Valera, now named Fianna Fáil, in 1932 - De Valera does not 'accomodate' the IRA.

    mid-30s - '39 – members such as Sean Russell and Frank Ryan drag the IRA closer to Communism, effectively alienating the Irish people in the process. A bombing campaign in mainland Britain in 1939 is singularly unsuccessful. IRA participation in the Spanish Civil War – against the Nationalists of General Franco with whom most Irish people feel they have more in common historically, culturally, and religiously – becomes ‘clouded’ by the contacts of Ryan and Russell with the German intelligence services (Russell’s escape from Nationalist custody is facilitated by the Abwehr). Both men convince the Germans that they can organise an IRA campaign in advance of an invasion of the British Isles (via Ireland) and are en route to Ireland on board a U-Boat when Russell drops dead. Ryan spends the rest of the war in Germany, dying in a Dresden sanatorium in 1944.

    1945 – 1968: A dormant period for the IRA. The border campaign of the 1950s results in a number of IRA ‘martyrs’ such as Sean South (left to die by his ‘comrades’ after a botched attack on a RUC post). Another ‘martyr’ is killed when the bomb he is carrying into the married quarters of McKee Barracks in Dublin explodes.

    1968 onwards (‘The Troubles’): After initially being caught on the hop by the Civil Rights Movement and the outbreak of violence, the IRA drifts even further to the left, resulting in ‘the split’ of 1970 – it is from this that the Provisionals emerge. These highly radicalised Republicans embrace increasingly violent means and ally themselves ideologically with ‘worthy’ revolutionary struggles around the world, playing on an imagined sense of guilt that they seek to attribute to the Irish people for having the bad grace for being Caucasian. The ‘liberation struggle’ in South Africa is heartily embraced, despite the fact that Republicans had formed an ‘Irish Brigade’ to fight on the Boer side during the 1899-1902 Anglo-Boer War; the Palestinian cause is similarly embraced, despite the fact that some of the Zionist militants had admired the Irish drive for independence, particularly Michael Collins.

    PIRA activity in the Republic of Ireland is restricted to ‘fund raising’ (through such means as bank robberies and kidnapping (some of which involve shoot-out with the Gardaí and Army).

    The PIRA receives weapons and training facilities from such sources as the East German Stasi, the wider Soviet Bloc, and Libya.

    1994 onwards: After decades of mayhem, Sinn Féin realises that victory is not going to be achieved by violence. The party and wider Republican movement are repackaged, fully utilising the politicised flim-flam language of the 1990s. Political correctness, multi-culturalism and environmentalism are just some of the means by which Sinn Féin/IRA seeks to sanitise itself. It particularly targets the young, for whom the Troubles are either a rapidly diminishing or non-existent memory. The litany of political corruption tribunals in the Republic of Ireland from the late 90s sees the party increase its parliamentary representation from none to five in the space of two general elections – the criminal/terrorist backgrounds of some of the more prominent Sinn Féin members is ignored in the interests of ‘the Peace Process’. Episodes such as the PIRA murder of Garda Gerry McCabe in 1996 are glossed over in the interests of ‘peace’ (Sinn Féin still demand the release of his killers).

    Sinn Féin adopts an anti-EU stance during the late 1990s, primarily because of a desire to keep the Republic of Ireland isolated (therefore leaving the way clear for Sinn Féin). It hides its opposition among the other opponents of the EU – the Socialist Party (well, person really), Green Party…..and plays up its adherence to Irish neutrality (something its predecessors had spent decades trying to undermine).

    Post 9/11 2001: Sinn Féin/IRA sees the political temperature cool dramatically in Washington after the terrorist attacks – Americans are not now so naïve about ‘freedom fighters’ as previously. President George W. Bush does not need to play the Irish-American electoral card (although increasing numbers of Irish-Americans turn to him in the 2000 and 2004 elections) as Clinton did. Sinn Féin hops on the anti-war bandwagon with no sense of irony.

    The present: the recent bank raid has a two fold purpose – to demonstrate to all and sundry that the PIRA is still capable of such activity, and to keep the Republican Movement going financially (it has a turnover of some £10 million a year, and running costs of £1.5 million).
  13. A superb snapshot of these scumbags GG! Does any UK or Irish politicos have the couarage to call a spade a spade? does it feck Lets not forget that Labour view the IRA as "freedom fighters" most of the cabinet have came through British student politics. Today at the National Union of Students annual conference (seriously) IRA/Sinn Fein are invited along to man "information and fund raising" stands.

    Now there is an enquiry into bugging Adams's office and outrage from politicians 8O
  14. It was excellent to read about this on the weekend, but what is the most appalling thing, as pointed out in Kevin Myers article in Sunday's telegraph, is the Irish Governments refusal to do anything about this statue for decades. Makes one wonder as to the sincerity of "Irish Neutrality"!