Lefties Charge US Government Feeding Ecstacy to Troops!!

Hoo Haw!!.. the boys in the pressroom at Lefty Central must be having a real slow day..
Charges have come out of nowhere that the US military is ' feeding Ecstacy ' to the boys and girls from the desert to control behaviour in those ' suffering '' PTSD!!..

Dope up the gung ho brigades and ship 'em home addicted!!!

Oh, my..

reading the small print, however, shows that the USFDA has approved the use of the ' active' ingredient , some jumble of letters- MDMA or something, as an experimental therapy to control ' flashbacks ' and related post deployment trauma among a small minority of soldiers...

not quite the same..and surely doesn't sound nearly as malevolent, do it?..

wonder if it works better than downing booze..probably got its own 'side effects' as well..

nice anyway that they're thinking of the kids at the pointy end..
Lefty central must just be jealous. They know the troops get the "good stuff" :wink:


War Hero
I believe it without question because the US is the root of all evil and nastiness. Also Rocketeer, you are sooooooo shortsighted for not believing this, I mean, eugh, it is, like, so obvious :D

With logic like that maybe I should be a lawyer 8O
Grizzly said:
MDMA was used as a medicine for head shrinkers in the 80s and 90s
still being used as a possible cure for parkinsons type diseases , apparently the muscle spasms are a lot more controllable when you're "on one matey"

and advanced research into "dance like your dad" disease is considering using it.

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