Leftie think tank hits the solution: sack the workers

If only Parliament had a similiar programme.

Leftie think tank hits the solution: sack the workers

After suggesting Northerners should be moved to the South you might expect a rash of redundancies at the Tory think tank Policy Exchange. But no. Instead New Labour's favourite think tank, the Institute for Public Policy Research, the organisation responsible for dreaming up so many right-on policies inflicted on the British public over the past 11 years, has just been forced to lay off staff because business is so slack.

"Quite simply, many of the big companies have chosen not to commission the IPPR to do any research for them at the moment because their ideas are going out of fashion," my source tells me. "The current economic climate hasn't helped."

A spokesman for the IPPR confirms: "Three voluntary redundancies have been made in IPPR's public services team as a result of an internal restructuring exercise."

IPPR was founded in 1988 by Lord Hollick (pictured, right) and has been led by Gerald Holtam, Matthew Taylor, now chief executive of the Royal Society of Arts, and Nick Pearce, a former special advisor to David Blunkett.

It was a favourite ideas hive for Tony Blair, but, as with all things Blairite, has fallen out of favour under Gordon Brown. Former members of staff include Patricia Hewitt, David Miliband (pictured, left) and Tristram Hunt. The current codirectors are Lisa Harker and Carey Oppenheim, who share the job.

Last year IPPR called on Gordon Brown to cut the number of Scottish MPs and reduce its share of UK public spending to curb rising unhappiness south of the border.

The think tank also revealed that only a tiny fraction of Polish people burden the state by claiming benefits.

IPPR's trustees include Lord Hollick, Lord Kinnock, Dr Chai Patel, Lord Puttnam, Baroness Williams of Crosby and Baroness Young of Old Scone. Will they rise up to defend the workers now the chips are down?
Oh the times, they are a changing!
Hey! Things can only get better after all!

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