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left wrist prblem

i have a strain in my left wrist, i hurt it over a year ago but then i thought it was fine. I then started punching a boxing bag and found it sore. Im noticing it espeialy when i am doing press ups! feals like a strain at the start of my wrist leading up to my thumb!
I have booked an apointment with the doctor on wednesday but im wary of going as i dont want it on my file incase i get deffered!
Any advice guys and girls?
but realistacly what are they gona be able to do?? tell me to rest it is all i can think of!
do u think that this will be in my medical file i i do see a GP? will it affect me joining?

P.S im right handed lol
You had experience using a punch bag? Alot of goobers first time out like to hit it without there fist parallel to there forearm.......no tension or resistance = Wrist snapping time.

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