left wrist prblem

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cage88, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. i have a strain in my left wrist, i hurt it over a year ago but then i thought it was fine. I then started punching a boxing bag and found it sore. Im noticing it espeialy when i am doing press ups! feals like a strain at the start of my wrist leading up to my thumb!
    I have booked an apointment with the doctor on wednesday but im wary of going as i dont want it on my file incase i get deffered!
    Any advice guys and girls?
  2. Yep, what he said.

    Just try and cut down on the wanking 'till then.
  3. but realistacly what are they gona be able to do?? tell me to rest it is all i can think of!
    do u think that this will be in my medical file i i do see a GP? will it affect me joining?

    P.S im right handed lol
  4. Feed it into a woodchipper whilst chanting

    "I must not ask strangers on the internet for health advice"
  5. You had experience using a punch bag? Alot of goobers first time out like to hit it without there fist parallel to there forearm.......no tension or resistance = Wrist snapping time.
  6. sounds like your scapthoid, serious injury
  7. I'm not surprised, you've pulled more trains than Amtrak.