Left the regulars 5 years ago... joining the TA?

I got an Admin discharge from the REME just over 5 years ago, at the age of 19, having served just over 2 years.

Cause of leaving is listed in the red book as "retention undesirable in the interest of the service" Military conduct is listed as "very good".

Despite it being a long time now, I have kept in close contact with a number of my colleagues from my time served, and on occasion do miss serving, especially these days in the current Iraq/Afgan climate where I do feel a desire to "be there with" guys I have known for 7 years+

I feel I have matured significantly in the 5 years since my departure from the service, and have recently considered attempting to join the TA.

I know nobody can give me an exact answer, partly because I'm deliberately trying to be a little vague, but is there any point in me applying to the TA? Will the fact that I was discharged from the regulars immediately disqualify me?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me, even if it is "**** off and stay a civvie" ;)


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Well the easy answer to that is, it's always worth giving it a try to see if some wily recruiting NCO/Officer can't find a loophole using the special enlistment authority. However, being realistic, you shouldn't get your hopes up. A couple of years ago I had something similar come across my desk (I was working pretty much full time as the unit's Recruiting NCO). The lad had been discharged as Services No Longer Required (SNLR) and I started the ball rolling to get him in, but APC Glasgow came straight back with a big fat "F*** Off".

"retention undesirable in the interest of the service" is going to be the the line that kills your enlistment.

Good luck.
Nothing major, no one incident. Little things mostly brought on by the fact I somehow made an enemy of my CSM who proceeded to try to charge me for everything he could manage to define as "conduct unbecoming a soldier". I'm sure that at times I was a little immature, being young, not trying to say I am blameless.

By the time I left I had one regimental entry... I think that was for failing to attend a parade but I don't really remember how when or why now.

A multitude of company entries for varied things... Though I assume they are irrelevant after this amount of time.

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