Left the Army in December, I dont like being a civvy!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RuftyTufty, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. Left the Army in December after 22 years in.

    I'm 43 and its depressing to think I'm now officially a 'Civvy'!

    Anyone else done a long stint? If so whats the best way to get over the thought that you will never again wear the uniform?

    Of course there are certain things I don't miss, but generally speaking its shit being a civillian!
  2. Welcome to the club. I know lads in their 50s still serving, could you not have stayed in a while longer?
  3. TA maybe to keep your hand in? I found it hard leaving after 9 years.
  4. ever considered teaching cadets!!??

    its what i did when i first got out!! helped me adjust slightly a couple of other Adult instructors were ex Regs which helped as we still had the banter!
    or maybe the TA tried that too which was ok as an ex reg ! :)
  5. Don't worry about.You may be off to the Falklands soon.
  6. Ahhh it's a very different Army to the one it was when I joined! 22 years is enough! It's hard to put into words really....you just miss .... 'stuff' when its not there anymore. Just the sort of 'stuff' that you cant see or do in Civvy St!

    Still i guess 22 years in ANY job is a long time. I would probably feel the same if I had worked in Tescos for that length of time!
  7. All the above are good idea's and I have done, after leaving the reg's both TA and adult staff in cadets. Sadly it is not the same and it's hard sometimes keeping your mouth shut when you see things that would never happen in the reg's.
    Cadet staff tend to be mainly immature 20 something knobbers who never had the bottle to join up any adult unit but love to bollock/bully teenagers. This was with the ATC (air cadets, Kent Wing) but I believe the ACF is a lot better.
  8. Make sure you join Regt/Corp Assn, stay in touch with the old and bold (but remember you are a civvy now so OPSEC and PERSEC is important). Help the kids, cadets, scouts etc, it is rewarding. Join the TA, become one of the hated STABs (and find out that they are not hated that much). Difficult re adjustment unles you've done decent re settlement. Head high.
  9. I've nothing against the TA but taking orders from some spotty little 20 year old who works at Tesco stacking shelves all week wouldn't be for me!
  10. It'll take you years to adjust and even then, you'll be a member of an elite club. We seem able to pick each other out of the crowd as easy as blink. I tried the TA, but found it unbearable. Perhaps things have changed, but I wouldn't recommend it. Hang up your boots, write your memoirs, find a service charity to support and always fight the current generation's corner for them with the media and your local MP. They might be gagged, but we're not and we're wily enough to argue the point.
  11. It can take some adjusting to but, let's face it, a 22 year engagement is the longest redundancy notice that you'll ever get so I would hope that you're admin is squared away.

    ..........and The Rest will always be civvies. Always.
  12. :clap: wonderful bit of advice :salut:
  13. I left after 22 years (In 2001) and the only way to adapt is to throw yourself 100% into your civvy career what ever it may be, as they say the cream always rises to the top.

    All the best mate.

  14. Thanks for the ideas chaps :salut:

    I better go and see if the kids have done their block jobs and outside areas yet ;-)
  15. I shake my head and mutter "f*cking civvies" on the hour every hour. Can't believe attitudes/sickness/weakness/ no loyalty/ no team work/jack crap that is tolerated.

    Then there is PC and diversity and minority groups. Everyone has an excuse for doing the bare minimum