Left the army, don't miss it!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stash1001, May 8, 2013.

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  1. Left the army been out for a month now. Not having any regrets thought I would miss it after doing 11 years a little bit but I don't. Am guessing I will miss it, how long does that take? because as I said am really happy!
  2. Friday at 1201hrs
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  3. I'm assuming that is because you:

    A. Have a job lined up

    and / or

    B. Have some cash.

    Once either of these cease you will be surprised how much you miss the security of being in the mob.
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  4. less than three months left to push and the way things are in this office I'll never miss the modern army*. The Army I'll miss died years ago.

    *or at least my current unit.
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  5. You will never miss it because you're ex Signals. Missing your Corps is tantamount to missing haemorrhoids.
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  6. I'll give you that I started missing the army when I left the gunners!
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  7. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    11 and a bit years served? So no resettlement grant then for the sake of 'one minus a bit' years?

    For some people it's a breath of fresh air I imagine. For others (particularly those who have been inadvertently institutionalised) I imagine it can be pretty daunting.

    I only have 2-4 years left and already I find myself a little apprehensive about WTF I'm gonna do when I leave.

    Especially when you consider that even a full career isn't even half of your working life... Good luck anyway - may the 'happiness' continue.

    Don't go skiing for the next few years though - come the bit you have to fork out £850 before you work out how much spends you're gonna need, you'll be thinking "fuckin' ow much?" just as you recall (avec spectacles, tinted, rose) how it was only £150 when your unit 'forced' you to go last time. Then you remember how accom only used to cost £1.34 a day, and not £650 a month for a two bedroomed shit heap in the West Midlands.

    It's the start of a slippery slope...
  8. Obviously not working with civvies then.
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  9. First time I left HM service as a regular I gave it nary a thought for a good year plus. And then unfulfilled achievements, missing camaraderie and the fact Civvies are often complete nobs nag and nag and nag. Give you 2 1/2 years before you're desperate to get back in Green and stamping your tabs infront of the local TA recruitment officer with your SC and Medical form. By the time you get through, you'll have to do Basic again.

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  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Amen brother, 8 days to push.

    And if that fuckstain of a senior to me thinks he can make my left difficult he can lick my hairy ring.
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  11. Took me about 2 years to understand what all the crap was about when people said they missed it... I still think there should be a resettlement course on how to cope with fucking civies. Took me years to understand that you can't call a cunt a cunt without someone getting the hump and the humourless cunt holding it against you forever, even when he is a cunt. The cunt.

    Still miss it a tad.

    Enjoy, and well done.
  12. Probably as long as it takes . . .

    • The only bloke to take up your offer of a pint after work is the Halitosis-ridden bellend you try to avoid all week, and he's on lemonade 'cos he's driving'
    • You ask someone to do something and he replies 'It's not my job' with a look that 100% absolutely without-fail true-to-his-word means he's not gonna do it and there's fuck all you can do about it
    • On a break, the conversation turns to what you drank/shagged/fingered last week/month and you suddenly after your input, everyone's looking at you in disgust like you just asked to lick-out their 10 yr old daughter
    • You realise that the ambitious go-all-the-way full-screw you once worked with pales into significance in comparison to snidey back-stabbing finger-pointing cunts of the highest order you have to call a 'colleague'
    • You find your Manager couldn't make a decision if his life, his wife's life and his snotty tubby kids life's depended on it, should it be the wrong one and make him look a dick in front of the rest of the business, unless he's cunning enough to get you to take the blame, and you only find that out once you've left

    Although, to be fair, most of the above can be applied within service life too.
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  13. I think the attitude of most people who leave before their time is that they won't miss it otherwise they would have stayed in for the full whack. I left at the 10 year point and didn't miss it for about a year or so afterwards however I now miss it a lot.
    As has been said, the camaraderie is something that you will struggle to find out of the mob, indeed a lot of people will actively try and avoid you, as you will be "that gobshite who just left the army" to them as a squaddie naturally oozes self-confidence which is something most civvies do not.
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  14. I believe your burning hatred made that a rather confused statement.
  15. I can remember being in a dump of a pub about a month after I came out thinking I wish I was back in Squadron Bar right now.Then dragging myself about 15 miles on public transport on a Sunday morning to play footy,get stripped on side of pitch,no showers,pay subs and I'm thinking I used to get paid to do this on a Wednesday afternoon back in the mob.Good luck,anyway.