Left TA - Should I expect anything - or is that it?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by macattack, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. I left the TA last May after 9 and a half years, this followed 10 years Regular service and 2 years in the Reserves.

    When I left the Regular Army, I had an interview, a leaving doo, a leaving present, some resettlement training, some leave, was issued some reservist kit and later a red book (with all my service details and a great reference), my dog-tags and a pension claim form arrived through the post.

    When I left the TA, I handed in my ID card, all my issued kit including my reservist kit, I then waited 11 months for my presentation fund monies to be sent to me in the form of a cheque from the mess. ( I was told I could have a dining out with 3 or 4 others that were also leaving but they failed to tell me I had not done enough service to qualify - regular service does not count!)

    I have not had any of the following:

    Formal or informal letter saying thanks

    Any documention regarding my TA service and the 2 medals I was given during my TA Service.

    A farewell from the mess - 7 years in the mess but 19 and a half years total service.

    A farewell from the squadron - 9 and a half years service

    A presentation from the squadron despite paying squadron funds every year! - the mess sent my presentation money back eventually!

    So I just wondered should I have got a letter or some documentation or is this the way it is done?

    I have searched the forums but could not find a related topic.

    Just wondered what the protocol was if any.

  2. What an interesting thought...I suspect the complete absence of any response is that you may have touched a nerve.

    Oh NO! maybe TA service isn't the same as regular service after all!!??

    Maybe it's a different form of service that doesn't attract the same gravitas, the same 'esprit de corps' or the same remuneration.

    is that possible? - with so many believing that the TA merely exists to provide reinforcements to Ops, is it possible that we have lost the very 'spirit' that has bound the eclectic mix that is the TA together for the last 99 years?

    I wonder?

    is it a sign of the times?
  3. Mack,

    Welcome to the TA, or rather, goodbye from the TA; as for your points (highlighted)

    1. You are now welcome to take as much leave as you want.
    2. Don't mention the P word, there is no P word for the TA.
    3. THANKS
    4. Sadly YES this is the way it is done in far too many cases.

    As a young Tom I was once told to, "Put your finger in a bucket of water and then take it out and see if it leaves a hole". Pretty much sums up the impression any of us leave on the green-machine. The only ones who will give a fcuk are your muckers! :(
  4. Think I would be a bit miffed if I left the mess and not be dined out!

    Think a chat with the PMC would be in order in your unit!
  5. I presume you already had your VRSM before leaving? You would probably have been eligible for it a while ago.

    You may also have been eligible for a clasp - I'm not sure whether your stint in the Reserve counts: some medals wonk will know. If only your TA and regular service counts then you may have fallen short of the clasp by a few months, depending on when your service actually finished. Who knows - maybe you're still on the books to keep your former unit's strength up and so you might be entitled.

    I say all that because a gong (or a clasp) as a leaving present strikes me as fitting, and suggest that anyone planning a proper leaving do for you (at this late stage) looks into it.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    What you describe is, sadly, pretty common. You'll probably get a letter from a Clerk in APC Glasgow saying thanks, but that's about it.
  7. While I can understand Reg Service not counting was unaware that you had to serve a certain number of years before being entitled to a dining out or presentation. I would have thought you would have been offered the chance to pay any difference in cost if you were short and dining out would go with the 3 or 4 others without question or comment.

    Depends on the unit I guess. I should think that would go for any protocol, unit and RSM of the day dependant.

    As for the other items, did you ask for any of them or just assume that they would happen. My own experience is certainly 'out of sight, out of mind' so I would be dropping some pretty broad hints were I be about to leave!
  8. From the comments it would appear that this is the Norm.

    Time to move on.

  9. The regular army may say its one army but the TA will only see the 7 years, you were somewhere else before that.

    Your Sqn should have said farewel
  10. While the process of leaving the TA, even after an adult lifetime of service, is less formal and more straightforward than leaving the regular army there should be some recognition of the time and commitment given.

    Obviously it's up to the individual unit but I would expect anyone who has been a mess member for a period of time to enjoy at least a dine out and non mess members something of a sub unit drink out, unless there was some form of acrimony or cloud over the departure.

    There is a mechanism, although I'm not sure of the details, for the unit to recommend a soldier be sent a formal letter from a senior officer thanking them for their service - PSAO may have the details.
  11. I would say that it would depend on how you left and whether you were a bit of a cunt or not.

    People tend to fall into the categories of:

    a) Bugger, He was a good bloke. Sorry to lose him.
    b) Who?
    c) Indifference to him.
    d) Glad to be rid of him.

    If you're in category 'a' then the lads would probably look after you. If you're in one of the other categories then you've just shit out.

    Saying that, we had a lad leave recently ish who was a top bloke. It was a busy time of year and despite a lot of talk (me included) no-one really got round to sorting anything for him. Yes I felt like a cunt (I'm assuming other people did too) but that's life. I'm sure he understands.
  12. Subtle as ever - it's all in the phrasing isn't it?
  13. Yeah. Mine gets to the point without sounding like I'm a pretentious twat
  14. Pretentious twat?