Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BigLeeNapes, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. Please can anybody on here that is still serving and is in a position of authority stop shouting "LEFT,RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHT" at me whilst I am enjoying my PT lesson/run.

    I know what foot to put down next otherwise It would be a steady state hop wouldn't it.
    I knew how to run by about the age of two.
    Thanks in advance and I now look very much forward to my next PT lesson/run without the hair gel boy's making sure I don't put my left foot down twice by accident.

    Also whilst I'm here... can any female who is currently a PTI or thinking about becoming one please choose otherwise.
    There is not a lot more annoying than a squeaky, whiny female shout.
    Also do your press up's properly before counting mine.
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  2. Fuck off, dullard.
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  3. Where the hell did you get that reply from?, it's a gem!
    Are you Ricky Gervais in disguise?.... Cheeky monkey.
  4. Seconded
  5. Damn it.. That means I have to fuck off now it's been seconded...
    Hate it when that happens.
  6. I would leap to your defence, as I was amused, but you have committed the cardinal sin of using a grocer's apostrophe in your first post, so I'm afraid you have to go, at least for a few days.
  7. Yeah, well it is kind of the rules. So fuck off.
  8. Everyone knows it is eft ight eft ight anyway.

    Do I get a sticky star ?
  9. I thought it was "off, Grass, Off, Grass"?
  10. Well illustrated there Shandy.
  11. Oh man... What is a grocer's apostrophe when it's at home?
  12. I thought it was "deaf, blind, deaf, blind"
  13. OP is a hero. He's just saying what we all know we need to here.

    This is a serious issue that warrants discussion here on these forums.

    What are we going to do about this?
  14. WRONG!

    I was referring to A grocer, singular!
    The apostrophe I used means the apostrophe I was referring to belonged to him.

    I await your grovelling apology
  15. Are you the "reply" king?
    Awesome stuff.