Left RAF Regiment to join RA-4 Months waiting on my 203 Form


How is everyone? Just looking for some actionable advice.

I left RAF Regiment Nov 2008 to join the Army. After being told I had to wait 12months to join the regs,by the RAF, I naturally applied to the TA. Gunner OPA, RA. After the TA lost my med records 6weeks later, was advised to join the regs as the 12month barr was false. So, applied to regs March 09 and a 203 was sent off to the RAF and not a sausage has come back. Had regular comms with ACIO and tracked down med docs from RAF Archives but this 203 form remains illusive.

Can anyone tell me where my 203 is likely to be and why it takes 4+ months to post a doccument? I know guys that have waited 9 months so respect due to them but just looking for some guidence.

Cheers for reading. Hope somebody can help.
Its very likely being sat on by Glasgow who will undoubtedly be trying to bury their heads in the sand, unless you havent been reading the numerous posts on here about RA recruiting recently, and how the Army is now pretty much fully manned its entirely possible that your AFB203 has fallen by the wayside never to be seen again ;)

For what its worth and to save you back reading, the RA have a hold on anyone rejoining or re-enlisting at the rank of Gunner, anyone at Lance Bombardier or Bombardier trying to rejoin would need to have a pretty shit hot career profile to get back in too ;)

As for transfers they are most definitely on hold too.

All regular RA recruiting is running at a reduced rate for Adult entry, for junior entry it is fine.

You i think, are likely to be disappointed, welcome to the shady world of APC Glasgow they move in not such a mysterious way :(

Cheers for response. I knew a fair few trades wrre fully manned but recently ACIO Glasgow(its where I'm based ironicly) said RA was recruiting as normal. They said the RAF were most likely holding my form back. But RAF Archives said they'd received the request and returned it promptly. I do get the feeling pass the parcel has commenced here but I need to determine that. Obviously dont want to be waiting for nothing. Ya know? Must be something I can do?

Glasgow are the spawn of the devil, i am fed up with dealing with them, the system they use is simply is archaic at the best of times and just involves pushing the paperwork from desk to desk, yet it takes months to move 30ft!

And if they are telling you that recruiting for RA is running as normal then they are completely barking, i get to see the 'live' vacancies and its currently offering a 3rd of the vacancies it was a month ago ;)
I hear ya...

I mean, until its Gospel and my ACIO say bugger off, I have to locate my 203. I'd probably be at end of training if I'd stuck with my TA applicatipn haha. That's the worst of it. But, TA Capt said see the regs application through to the end. So, if anyone can help me locate my 203, I'd be very grateful.

Cheers again.
I doubt they'd take me to be honest. Bit of a cheak to go down that road. Going to try RAF Manning again but don't expect miracles like. Haha. As I was saying to someone today...if I was told "Your 203 is here/there and being processed. Button up and deal with it"...I wouldnt utter another word!! Its just the fact that nobody can tell me where it is.

But yeah, a few of us in same boat and we were told, don't expect to come back to the RAF. Can hardly blame them canya?
True mate, but i doubt you would be the first to do it :)

a cousin of mine left the RAF for the Army few years back. Wasnt active enough a life for him.
Did he get back into RAF? Quite impressive if he did. Which trade was it though? If I went back to RAF REG, the NCOs would beast me til I died. The Army is what I want. Gunner OPA just feels right.

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