Left out in the Cold

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by saxon_warrior, Dec 25, 2007.

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  1. :x Just got off the phone to my Brother who has just returned from Afghanistan on R+R , Apparently flight was diverted from brize to another Civilian Airport upon arrival they were not allowed inside the terminal building as not to upset the locals so had to change from combats into civilian clothing on the tarmac !!!! ffs its a very hard pill to swallow especially when you see scenes in the US of Transiting military in uniform being cheered and clapped by civilains in terminal buildings :x :x :x :x
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If they just gave it a chance you would probably find the British public would cheer as well. There is plenty of support for the forces from Civ Div, it is just this cr@p gubment that fecks things up and makes life as difficult as possible.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    This shows an utter lack of leadership. Who allowed this to happen? Who gave the order? Who failed to stand up for his / her men?

  4. Somebody wants an almighty kicking for this.
  5. Which civilian airport and did the order come from the civvies or from the military?
  6. If the order came from civvies, why not just tell them to foxtrot oscar? Worked in my day.
  7. I think you'll find it is an Airports Authority 'directive'. Seems they are worried about the security aspect. :roll:

    It's a real shame no one in the MoD has actually looked at this to see if it is a major security risk. If thats the case, will we see The Cenotaph in civvies next? Changing the Guard in jeans?

    Still doesn't stop a rag head or two trying to drive a Jeep Cherokee through the front doors.

    Yet again, we've proved this country is run by small minded beurocrats.
  8. Well, seeing as "airport security" has proven itself to be completely and utterly ineffective against anything, I would have thought they would have been PELASED to have armed professionals turn up... just incase Allah's finest decides to come out to play.
  9. 'Sactly. ;)
  10. Name and shame the airport.

    Then find out who gave such a stupid dic tat.

    Pretty sure given the day, and given the current drive to "buy a squaddie a pint" et al, the civvies in teh airport wouldn't have been that fussed to see lads coming back.

    As above, if our lads have to get out of our (by now) traditional dress, so can every other fcuker.

    Infact, a new "security" law. From now on all persons transiting, working or just waiting in an airport will be required to wear only the white, paper suits (as worn by peodos and murderers when arrested) to avoid upsetting ANYBODY!!!!

    I fcuking dispair I really do.
  11. If it is an AA dictat on security issues there is nothing to worry about......plod will be there with their MP5s..thats SICURITEE for you.
  12. Before the outrage bandwagon kicks into full gear here, could we perhaps get some comments from pprune or other aviation areas. I am no expert, but am sure I've seen similar threads to this in the past - IIRC there were some good reasons given previously as to why they couldn't move on to other areas, but I don't have it to hand.
    I suspect there is more to this than meets the eye...
  13. That is fekkin disgusting.

    I really do despair at what has become of our once very proud nation.

    If it is an Airports Authority 'directive' like Flashy says it may be, then I hope it is challenged by someone. New year campaign by ARRSE maybe?
  14. What good reason could there possibly be?
  15. I can't believe that at all, the other day I in Manchester Piccadily station and there were at least four people in combats on their way home. People were looking at them yes, but in admiration not disgust. There were parents talking to their children about what they do for the country.

    Its a load of crap that people will find it offensive and I don't even believe there is a security threat as there was 10 years ago. So is a this a top down order from the MoD, the civilian airport staff would be powerless over army right?