Left or leaving TA?

Have you or do you know anyone who's left the TA recently? Interested in chatting to you for research I'm doing. Pls get in touch with your email. (P.S. Looking for people who aren't suing the MOD...)
Matt, people on this site get very hacked off with this type of enquiry. Many users do not like journalists especially when they are seen to be fishing for a story on the cheap. I don't know if you are a journalist but whatever you are you will need to be much more upfront about your background and most especially about your motives in asking questions like you have. If you are a journalist then you are a crap one as doing some "research" is not much of a cover. There are also rules that serving soldiers, both Regular and TA are required to obey, about contact with the media. You will also find that area has been covered before. Try searching the Guardian website and you will find that a journalist from that paper has covered this story already and quite recently.
In future, rather than be so damned rude , and just arrive trawling, why not do what other journalists and programme makers seem prepared to do before they post a trawl?


Ask a moderator, identify yourself to the Mod , and pose the question. This resource is not some public access free-for all for journalists looking to make programmes on the cheap. Your method of approach I would suggest also informs us as to the style of any programme you wish to make.


A friend of mine came on here, regarding some course work she is doing.

I asked a MOD and it seemed ok, didn't break the PERSEC but members are unwilling to communicate regarding this. As it has been seen many times with certain newspapars people are in their own right to refuse. Maybe it was best to ask a MOD or even get to know a few people or post with in the TA section.

Your learn next time.


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