Left it too late?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by luckymarine, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. Left the Marines after 8 years of service after getting sick of it all, was a culmination of a series of unfortunate events, both personal and professional that finally forced my hand to say enough was enough and to leave of my own free will.

    I got out did a bit of property management, started my own mobile mechanic business and then started up at university doing a BA in Business Management.

    Thing is, once you've been at the sharp end of life everything else dull's in comparison, the best bits of my time served were the bits in Iraq and Afghanistan. I find myself chasing that buzz all the time but nothing really compares.

    So after much debate I've decided to have a look at what I would be eligible to apply for, the TA really doesn't float my boat, I'm looking for the next challenge so officer training it is as I was offered a corps commission to stay in the Marines when I left.

    Whilst I was in the Marines I trained at S.E.M.E to be a Vehicle Mechanic, so have the City and Guilds Apprenticeship in electrical and mechanical engineering along with all the licences up to C+E, if that has any influence on things and if I would be better off applying to the likes of REME then that's fine.

    Thing is I'm 29 now and have been out of the Marines for 4 years this September. When looking at applications do the Forces take into consideration past service?

    Many thanks in advance for any replies submitted.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You're too old for the army. Have you tried your old mob? At least they know you and may want you back.
  3. must read question properly, must read question properly, must read question properly.
  4. But this thread is in Regular Officer Recruiting. Either it's in the wrong place or the OP is too old.
    If joining the ranks then move it to Regular Soldier Recruiting in which case he's not too old.
  5. Seen! I made a schoolboy error of not reading the only bit of the post that said "so officer training it is"

    I'll delete my bone answer. Sorry gents.

    OP - you're too old buddy.
  6. Try the RAF Regiment-they have older age limits I believe (work colleague is applying as too old for the Army)
  7. I went perce after a year outside. It is a wierd transition mate, I moved around a bit trying to get comfy but wrapped at the 4 year point and chinned it off altogether. Cant say why I didnt settle but I had minor issues with the bullshit and the politics and, in one particular regiment, there was absolutely no spark, no one seemed to want to do anything, from deploying to basic PT, an environment you will not be familiar with based on your background. Thats not to say there arent shite hot units, there are, and you'll come across some hoofing blokes but on the whole it wasnt for me.

    Age allowing, but if I where you I'd go Royal Engineers, 24 or 23 if you fancy another challenge, then specialise, worked with one of their recce troops on Herrick and they were the bollocks. I'm not being elitist, just basing my response on my own experiences.
  8. I joined Sandhurst at 28 was part of the oldest in my Platoon if not my Coy...There were some guys who joined at 29, got injured kept in Lucknow and were 30 (odd cases)..However, I digress, there was a rumour going round at the time that the recruiting age for Sandhurst was going to be lowered to 26. Furthermore being 29 now might just be too late as the actual process of getting to RMAS can take as long as a year. Sorry dude...I think the TA recruit older people, what about getting back in touch with the Corps?